LED Controllers & Dimmers


Our wide selection of LED Controllers, Dimmers and and DMX decoders is here to make your life easier. Whether you are looking for a simple in-line dimmer, or a complex DMX lighting control system, we provide the tools you need to get the results you want.

Different Lights Need Different Controllers

120 volt and 0-10 volt dimmers are smart options for single color LED lighting that will be used with a traditional wall switch. Single color LED Dimmers have a variety of control options for multi-zone and specialty applications.

Tunable White LED Controllers allow you to transform the look of your space by controlling the color temperature of your white light. RGB and RGB ColorPlus LED controllers mix static colors and can have pre-programmed color changing modes for three, four and five color LED lighting.

DMX Lighting

DMX allows you to fully program and control all kinds of LED lighting using a computer or stand-alone controller.

Our sales engineers are available to help you get the right controller for your project. Call us at: 888-880-1880

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