Accessories-LED Christmas Light Bulbs

We offer a variety of cord strand (socket sets) for LED Christmas light bulbs, including cut to length. The most important thing is to make sure that you choose the right socket size for the bulbs you plan to use. E12 Candelabra sockets are used for C7 and other bulbs. E17 Intermediate sockets are used for C9 and other bulbs. E26 Medium sockets are the same size as most of the sockets in your house, and they are used for patio light strings and PAR38 bulbs. If you cut your 18 gauge cord strand, you'll want to terminate the ends with our slide-on or clip-on male or female plugs. The black patio stringer cords are 16 gauge and would require a different aftermarket plug to accomodate the thicker wire, so we don't recommend cutting the black patio cord strand.

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