LED Christmas Light Bulbs

Now you can get the great look and energy efficiency of LEDs with LED retrofit bulbs. These LED bulbs are great if you want to build your own custom color combinations. Almost all the steady burn bulbs are dimmable on the dimmers we recommend as companion parts. We also offer strobing icicle bulbs and color change bulbs.

C7, some G40 and some icicle bulbs have E12 Candelabra bases. C9, G30, G50 and other icicle bulbs and G40 bulbs have E17 Intermediate bases. Patio lights (S14 and A15 bulbs) and PAR38 flood bulbs have E26 Medium bases. Be sure to order bulbs that fit your socket size. We've tried all the major manufacturers' bulbs and these are the best. They're more expensive, but they look a lot better, so that's what we sell. Brightness, clear prisms and dimming performance matter. These bulbs are very high quality.
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