3mm Conical Wide Angle 3-Channel 240 LED Chasing Christmas Light String, Black Wire, 9 feet long (Pure White)

3mm Conical Wide Angle 3-Channel 240 LED Chasing Christmas Light String, Black Wire, 9 feet long (Pure White) 3mm Conical Wide Angle 3-Channel 240 LED Chasing Christmas Light String, Black Wire, 9 feet long (Pure White)
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Light Color Pure White
GTIN 813518018371
UPC 813518018371
Type Crab Light
Bulb Shape 3mm Conical Wide Angle
Sets Price Per Set
1+ $27.00
Required: Requires a power supply. Controller needed for chasing. Read more.
Product Features
While supplies last! Only about 47 left.

Requires a power supply and controller. Includes an 8 watt power supply sufficient for powering up to two crab light strings in steady burn mode. You can use this small power supply with an 8- or 10-function controller, described below.

The Versaline 3-Channel Chasing LED Christmas Light system allows you to connect a variety of light strings, icicle strings, motif decorations and net lights into a stunning display of flashing lights. We developed this system in response to heavy demand for multi-channel chasing Christmas lights. A unique feature of this system is that the connectors have up to five wires, allowing the lines to carry two 24-volt power lines, plus three signal lines. This provides a convincing 3-channel chase, allowing the controllers to create delightful effects other light strings cannot achieve. Linkable in long lines! That's unusual in a chasing string. This is a super-deluxe LED design we developed because so many people were looking for it and not finding it. Well, here it is!

We offer two versatile controllers, an 8-function and a 10-function version. Either controller can be used with the full complement of LED Christmas lights we offer, including strings, net lights, icicle strings, motif decorations and crab strings.

Features include:
  • True 3-channel chase and other features. System contains all the wires necessary to do what few Christmas lights can.
  • RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Lead was not used to make these products.
  • Commercial grade construction for high reliability and longevity.
  • Weather-proof twist-lock connectors are rugged and very easy to connect quickly. They are superior to screw-on connectors because they are faster to connect, which is helpful for large-scale jobs. The fitting compresses an O-ring seal to keep the water out. Guaranteed to stay connected during a nasty ice storm, unlike 2-prong plugs on most strings.
  • Bright, high quality LEDs and optical-grade conical prismatic optics really sparkle.
  • Indoor/outdoor use. Controllers and power supplies have IP44 or better ingress rating (protected against solid objects of 1mm diameter and splashing water.)
  • Power supplies are ETL and/or CSA certified.
  • 3mm Conical Wide Angle bulb shape.
  • Pure White.
  • Black Wire.
  • 240 LEDs per string.
  • 9 feet long.
  • The distance from the main line to the end of each of the 240 lights is about 3 inches.
  • 60 inches of extra cord between the power source plug and the string. The included 8-watt 'steady on' power supply adds another 4 inches. No extra length on the other end, which you can use to link to another Versaline net or string.
  • Linkable up to 5 Sets.
  • Fully rectified, for maximum brightness.
  • Very energy-efficient—only 7.2 Watts per string!
  • Optional Versaline Low Power 10-Function Controller sold separately. Controller effects include:
              Steady On;
              Ray Gun;
  • Optional Versaline High Power 10-Function Controller sold separately. Controller effects include:
              Steady On;
              Single Bulb Chase;
              Single Bulb Fade;
              Two Bulb Fade;
              Chase to Dim;
              Sequential Fade;
              Fade to Dim;
  • Controller remembers the mode you set if you use a timer or lose power.
  • Beautiful, elegant and tough.
  • 24-gauge wire in strings and nets; 20-gauge wire in splitters, extensions and motherlines.
  • Strings connect to each other using screw-on weather-proof connectors with compression fittings employing a rubber seal to keep out moisture.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Up to 100,000 hour bulb life.
  • Vapor-proof enclosure eliminates corrosion: bulbs are integrally connected with the socket and are not replaceable. This construction is more reliable than screw-in bulbs, especially in corrosive environments such as coastal areas where salt spray is present.
  • 24 VDC native operating voltage; power supplies (except small 8 watt and 12 watt supplies) accept 100 to 240 VAC, and supply the strings and controllers with 24 VDC.
  • Uses up to 98% less energy than incandescent light strings.
  • 3-year manufacturer seasonal use warranty.
  • Length from top of the green or white cuff of the bulb holder to tip of the bulb = 0.13 in.; length from the end of the molded bulb holder to the tip of the bulb = 1.15 in.
Bulb Shape 3mm Conical Wide Angle
Finish Black Wire
GTIN 813518018371
Input Voltage 24 DC
Length (English) 9 ft
Length (Metric) 2.74 m
Light Color Pure White
Linkable up to 5 Sets
Number of LEDs 240
Power (Watts) 7.2
Rating RoHS
Type Crab Light
UPC 813518018371
Warranty 3 year seasonal use limited
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