LED Channel Systems


Creating a professional LED strip light installation has never been easier. We offer a wide variety of high quality and innovative complete channel systems for LED strip light installations. This wide selection includes our EL Aluminum Channel line and the Klus LED profile systems, both perfect for finishing LED strip light applications. We've organized our Aluminum Channel and Diffusers into compatible systems for easy online ordering. Choose from a wide selection of over 100 complete systems! A complete LED Channel Systems Directory is available for your reference.

From ultra thin to extra wide, as well as specialty extrusions for sconces, closets, stair treads and more, you are sure to find the perfect LED channel system for your project. Accessories, including mounting brackets, end caps and micro-switches are sold separately. Simply choose the type of LED strip light you want, and then select an LED Channel System to fit, or vice versa. We even created a LED Strip to LED Channel Compatibility chart for your reference, so you can choose the best fit for your installation.

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