Aluminum Channel for Edge Lighting

Aluminum Channel for Edge Lighting allows you to easily create impressive illuminated wall installations, eye-catching signs, and accent pieces. This specialty LED aluminum channel for glass or acrylic allows you to mount diffusive material perpendicular to LED Strip Light, thereby highlight etching on glass or diffused acrylic surfaces. Learn how to make state-of-the-art edge lit glass. EnvironmentalLights recommends using acrylics such as Acrylite and EndLighten to achieve the perfect look.

U-Channel Aluminum Channel is durable, rugged, and serves as an LED heatsink—perfect for housing our LED strips for edge lighting! Use our track LED channel for 3/8 inch glass for non-waterproof led strips up to 10 mm wide. Use track for 1/2 inch glass for wider strips, including waterproof led strips. Your choice of finish: brushed nickel or bright gold. Your choice of depth: deep or regular. With the deep track, you can also order end caps to hide the end of your glass. We have everything you need right here. Call if you have questions.

For tips on edge lighting or backlighting, see Edge-Lit and Back-Lit LED Lighting with Acrylic and Edge Lighting Glass or Acrylic Using LED Strips.

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