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LED lighting has the power to transform any environment, and in the hospitality industry this can be a key differentiator for properties looking to create immersive customer experiences like no other. With the right LED lighting, you can change the entire look and feel of a room without changing anything but the lighting. Create one feel during the day and then completely transform the feel of the room for the evening. At Environmental Lights, we partner with top properties and designers to create amazing hospitality experiences that use LED lighting to transform spaces, inspire awe and make every visit more memorable.


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Before any project is started there are many important questions to ask about the desired lighting effect. Asking the right questions and determining the right products to use will be critical to the success of the project. Whether it is an area is being retrofitted to bring new life into it or a new space is being planned, each situation is unique. Our team is here to help through the process to ensure the appropriate lighting, power and controls are used to achieve the desired effect.

Environmental Lights sales engineers will work closely with your team to plan, order and quickly ship dependable and high-quality LED lighting systems for your exact needs. We make sure you get LED lighting systems that comply with electrical codes throughout North America, so your installations go smoothly and your system works flawlessly. We can also make customizations so that the lighting arrives pre-configured and ready to install. We have worked with properties large and small to create amazing and unique experiences. Contact us today to learn how we can help you! You can reach our team at 888.880.1880 or


Our mission at Environmental Lights is to deliver excellence for every customer and every LED lighting project. Every product we offer is tested and selected for superior quality and optical performance. Our vast inventory of high-quality LED products deliver in both form and function with unlimited design applications. For everything from dynamic branding with color changing LED lights to large-scale repeatable rollouts, our unbeatable selection of LED Strip Lights, LED Light Panels and LED Pixel Control Lighting can create the perfect ambiance and enhance the experience in any space.


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Need LED Samples to Show Your Client?

Have an upcoming project and need to present the very best LED lighting solution to your client? We offer LED Sample Kits to help you make the most informed LED lighting decision for your biggest jobs. You can now explore our growing inventory of over 200 UL Listed LED Strip Lights online, and physically test a sample kit that best fits needs of your installation. Choose from our variety of LED Strip Light Sample Kits. To learn more about how our LED Sample Kits can help you make your next project shine, please contact one of our LED lighting specialists at 888.880.1880 or

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