To survive in the hospitality industry, properties must constantly reinvent themselves. Competition is fierce and the pressure to provide new and exciting guest experiences is intense. How does a property stand out without doing a major renovation? The answer is simple, but incredibly powerful. It’s lighting.

Lighting transforms environments and draws visitors into dynamic experiences. Lighting provides the impact and excitement needed to make properties stand out from the competition.


Challenges in Hospitality Lighting

The cost of quality.
It is often hard to factor in the total cost of ownership when evaluating the financial investment of a project.

Selecting the right products.
Our clients often have a specific look in mind, yet need help determining which lighting products will best achieve that effect.

Installation schedules.
Deadlines can be tight, so our clients can’t be wasting time with complex installations.

Our Solutions

Great products, priced right.
We develop LED products to excel in specific applications. They are designed to provide focused value and reliability.

We are your partner and lighting experts.
We pride ourselves on our customer service and we work with you to determine the best way to achieve your lighting design.

Simplified installations.
We create solutions that are simple and easy to install so you save time and money.

Hospitality Lighting Applications

Let's Talk About Your Hospitality Lighting Project

Environmental Lights is here to be your lighting resource, and we will use our expertise and service to make your project a tremendous success. Our team takes great pride in being extremely responsive, accessible and communicative because we know how important every project is. We won’t rest until your lighting is installed and you are satisfied. We are committed to making sure your project far exceeds your expectations.

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The Environmental Lights Team
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