Here are some of the great things we’ve heard from our customers, and we hope that you will be just as happy with your service from us.

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We have been working with Environmental Lights for about three years now and the level of quality and service is unparalleled. I know I can call the representatives who handle our account and get all of my questions answered. I have been working with both Keegan and Jayson over our time partnered with this company and I can honestly say that they really care about our projects. They want to see them work and they want them to be the highest quality. We have been extremely fortunate to work with these two gentlemen. The service we have received has been second to none, let alone the quality of the products. We work with Environmental Lights exclusively not just because of their outstanding service, but because we can trust their product. Their warranty is proof of that. We know that when we design an LED sign with their products, that sign will last for the long hall. We have never had a complaint about any malfunctions even years after the LED has been installed. Environmental Lights service and quality is top notch and we look forward to many more years of working together. 

M.B., Graphic Designer, St. Cloud, MN

We have gotten really excited as we’ve transitioned to using the latest Pro-flex product with the twist-lock connectors. It is such a great product and installs so well. Low-profile ends, fits beautifully into the channel, connects together so easily, can run end-to-end without light gaps with the side exits… Everyone in our facility that is using it is raving about it. We really appreciate that you’ve heard our thoughts over the years, and have made substantial changes based on our input. We love working with Environmental Lights.

J.W., Lacey, WA

I have to say this is the FIRST TIME I've ever experienced this high of a quality of service-oriented help from any company period. It was almost surreal being at work on Sunday on this important critical project which had to be done urgently and receiving a phone call just when it was desperately needed from tech support at Environmental Lights. It couldn't have come at a more critical time. This was witnessed by others here and it was a jaw-dropping experience, truly wild and most definitely refreshing. Including witnessed directly by THE person in charge of the special project, who just happened to be standing here about 8 feet away from me when the call came in. Needless to say, quite an impression was created, and the 'customer experience' quotient reached an unparalleled high. Understatement: I am extremely pleased to have chosen Environmental Lights.

M.R., Gilman Hot Springs, CA

I would like to thank you for the YouTube video on LED power supplies. It was very helpful. After watching the video I called Environmental Lights and spoke to Lucas. I had a lot of questions, and I am thankful that Lucas took the time to help me.

R.B., Harbor Beach, MI

I recently found Environmental Lights online and reached out for a quote on a permanent installation job. I was privileged to be directed to Sarah as my customer service representative. As soon as we began speaking, I knew that I was going to be proceeding with my order. Sarah went above and beyond with all aspects of pricing, ordering, planning and completion of the project. She gave us a new standard in terms of what to expect from customer service and did everything she could to assist us. Because of Sarah’s help with the success of that project, we ordered again from Environmental Lights, and once again, Sarah was able to get the project completed. Neither of these projects would have been successful without Sarah’s assistance and I offer our thanks and appreciation for her diligence. We will definitely be working with Environmental Lights again in the future, and that is owed entirely to Sarah’s dedication and customer service.

J.A., Pompton Lakes, NJ

My wife Marlene really loves the lights you provided for one of my previous projects and these new ones are even better. Your staff provided much needed guidance and support. Many thanks to you and all of your staff.

G.H., Williamsburg, VA

Hi!  Love your products and we have been SO happy with all we have purchased from you.

S.C., Burbank, CA

I appreciate all the quick responses and turn around times along with quality products from you and your whole team. That’s why I love environmental lights!!!

J.W., Lacey, WA

Thank you ever so much for calling me so quickly after posting my question. I felt like such an idiot after easily finding the answer to my original question on your site. I'll make my purchase shortly. I have watched your company grow ever since the "other" Greg spoke to me from his office (the kitchen) many years ago. I'm certainly not your biggest customer but I think I'm your biggest fan. No other company that I know of would ask a staff Engineer to call a customer with such a miniscule potential sale. This tells me that you, as a company, believe in your products and care for your customer's needs. I wish you no luck in the future since you simply don't need it as long as you retain these two key qualities. Selfishly, I wish that Environmental Lights would sell many more products so that I could be a more regular satisfied customer. As it stands, in me you have a customer for life. Keep up the good work!

C.O., Milwaukee, WI

I appreciate the outstanding customer service your staff provides. Sarah is very attentive and accommodating. Whenever I have an interaction with her it is always pleasant, and I always leave feeling like Sarah really cares about my project. Her knowledge of the product line is genuine, and extremely helpful. Because of Sarah’s efforts, I am able to get exactly what I need and am very satisfied with my purchase. I will continue to use Environmental Lights for my lighting needs. Please let Sarah and her team know, their efforts do not go unnoticed. You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued. I look forward to working with Environmental lights in the future.

E.G., Denver, CO

The kitchen project is so wonderful. The new LED lights under the cabinets shed a different light than the fluorescent lights. This one is softer and actually highlights the granite as well as light the work area. Adding the small molding to the bottom of the wall cabinets makes a big difference for the better.

R.M., Alameda, CA

My recent experience with Environmental Lights was excellent. Looking through the on-line catalog for under cabinet lighting was a little overwhelming for me so I called and spoke to a rep who solved my problem. He specified a practical LED system that met my needs and was also very cost effective. As it turned out, even the installation was easy for me. The kitchen looks great with this lighting and it makes working at the counters so much easier. Thanks for being there, keep up the good work.

W.S., Moorpark, CA

I just wanted to give your company some positive feedback regarding my experience with Environmental Lights so far. Everyone I have had contact with, whether by phone or email, has been friendly and capable, and made me feel like you care about me as a customer. Unlike most companies' communication, there is something that is authentic in your efforts and style. Keep up the good work!

R.L., Washington, DC

Just to let you know that the installation of the under the cabinet LED lights I purchased from Environmental Lights for my kitchen is complete. I am very impressed. They are very neat and tidy, well hidden, and emit more than sufficient light for activity tasks around the kitchen. Installation was a breeze, with of course your help. I must admit that I was a little wary of purchasing something sight unseen, but I am glad now that I did.

W.B., Webster, NY

I chose Environmental Lights as my choice for my under cabinet lighting and I couldn't be happier! The system is so flexible and well designed. It was very easy to configure and install. As my neighborhood handyman, I expect to be installing several systems for my neighbors in the coming weeks. Thanks for developing a system that exceeds my expectations.

S.M., Stillwater, MN

I just wanted to comment on the great customer service your company offers. My questions are always answered promptly, professionally and I am not treated like another number. I will continue to buy products from your company as mine continues to grow.

A.B., Crystal, MN

I wanted to start by saying that last time I ordered a very astute and kind person threw in a power supply to my order. They made me a client for LIFE! You should be proud that your team is concerned about your customer’s experience.

S.K., American Canyon, CA

The lights look PERFECT!!!!! I really appreciate your help.

D.H., Idaho Falls, ID

You guys are amazing – I just placed this order 20 minutes ago and it’s shipping today! We are building a house and it has been really frustrating – none of the other suppliers hold a candle to Environmental Light’s quick response and turn around.

J.B., Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you and I like doing business with you.

D.L., Torrance, CA

We've installed your products, and have switched all of our applications to yours—great stuff, and very well designed. Regards and Happy New Year!

R.K., Butler, WI

Your Sales Engineer gave me excellent advice and support. My project came out really cool, and his technical assistance made it easy. With Appreciation,

K.O., Chico, CA

We have had your dimmable LED lights in our home in Texas for over a year now...they are fantastic. And your customer service was great…outstanding job.

E.S., The Woodlands, TX

Thank you! That's great service! I appreciate it! This order is just a test for a portion of a specific application. If it works as expected, we will order more lights and supporting equipment.

K.C., Danville, IN

Thanks for the advice on this order. Although I could assemble this order through multiple vendors for less money, I wouldn't have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with such a polished business. Excellent website design, product info, education and over-the-phone consultation—this place has to be the best I've communicated within three years of home renovation.

L.M., Atlanta, GA

Environmental Lights has been terrific.

R.H., Rio Rancho, NM

Fed Ex delivered the light strip this afternoon. My husband installed it this evening. I absolutely love it. I really appreciate how helpful you were when I called to place my order. Our daughter & son-in-law are getting ready to build a house—I will definitely recommend that they check out your company's products. Thanks again for you help.

L.G., Sulligent, AL

Awesome. I love your application of trigonometry. And thank-you for the quick reply. Your company has the best service I have ever experienced. Thanks again. Love your products.

R.D., Healdsburg, CA

Thanks for the follow up. The LED’s turned out well, and made a great stage lighting effect. The DMX encoder was a bit tricky to wire the way we wanted, but overall both the lighting designer, director and set designer were very happy with the results. The set designer was so pleased he plans to use your lights on his next show. Thanks again for all your help-now that we know how great your products are, I’m sure we’ll be repeat customers in the future.

S.M., Chicago, IL

Thank you very much...You have been awesome.

J.J., Fairfield, TX

Thank you so much for your assistance. We are very happy with your entire operation. The lights are beautiful and your service makes ordering and installation easy.

J.S., Burbank, CA

Thank you for your extra efforts in getting this order for us. We really do appreciate it. I enjoyed speaking with you. And please send on a thank you to the owner for working with us. We will be doing business again in the near future. Have a great day!

J.M., Kirtland, OH

The order arrived complete and well packed. Following your instructions, I installed the driver in our attic and thence to a junction box there to contain the connections. I hard-wired the LEDs, thus completed a very satisfactory and functional improvement to our kitchen. Thanks for your patience with me.

B.M., Lakewood, CO

I appreciate your positive voice and professional telephone techniques. Thank you. You are a rarity these days.

G.F., Sedro Woolley, WA

You are excellent and professional. Your attention to the customer and to details is outstanding. This is definitely NOT routine. So, accolades to you and your co-workers I have dealt with!

G.S., Hereford, AZ

Thanks for the great service on the LED light orders, the lights are "cool". I look forward to purchasing more next season. Thanks again.

M.N., South Elgin, IL

The lights are incredible! They look amazing. Better than anticipated. Thank you.

J.M., San Diego, CA

Thank you for your follow up email regarding my recent order from Environmental Lights. The shipment arrived as promised. Everything, as ordered, was in the package. I cannot wait to see the lights installed by my electrician. The nice thing about the lights is the ability to add more lights, if needed, with the existing. Again, thank you for your follow up.

R.C., Houston, TX

I just want to say thank you very much for the great service your company provided to me. I am a service manager at a car dealership and try to offer the same great service to my customers. The lights look fantastic on the outside and inside of my home great job, once again.

J.V., Vandling, PA

Thanks, very impressed with your company.

J.S., San Antonio, TX

Thanks for catching that detail. I love the customer service you give. This is my second order from Environmental Lights and it won't be my last.

C.O., South Milwaukee, WI

Wow!!! Service like this is unheard of. Thanks so much.

W.F., Orlando, FL

Thanks for your help on the phone and the quick response to my problem. I appreciate the great customer service. I received the tracking information and expect the lights in time for my display. Thanks again for your help.

R.J., Los Angeles, CA

Thanks again for all of your support. It is great to work with a company that still emphasizes customer support!

B.S., Milford, OH

I want to compliment the truly exceptional customer service I have been receiving from EnvironmentalLights. Your engineer went out of his way to be helpful, answer my questions and quickly supply me with the samples I needed. Most recently, on Friday night, he offered me his cell phone number in order to assist me after hours with a programming issue I was having with one of your controller units. It was completely an operator error and he efficiently walked me through what I needed to do to solve the problem. This was truly a lifesaver for me. There were harsh deadlines to be met on this project and if this lighting programming had failed the consequences would have been dire both for me and for the account. Further, the very next day, Saturday, I had to call him again, this time to go into the office and Fed Ex to me a 9 ft strand of double intensity RGD programmable LED lights for first delivery overnight on Monday, so we would have a better solution than our segmented light string for a Monday prototype review with a major new client. He did not balk at the effort needed and went the extra mile without question. His dedication may well have saved the account for my company. I cannot praise him enough. If everyone I worked with across industries had such dedication, patience and knowledge, my job would be far, far easier. Thank you kindly,

B.K., Portland OR

I just wanted to let you know that one of your employees provided invaluable assistance to me yesterday and without him I might have wasted countless hours trying to figure out the answer to my electrical problem. On Saturday I attempted to wire up one of the drivers that we purchased from you for our newest trade show booth, I thought I was following the instructions to a tee but was having no luck in getting the unit to perform. On Monday, I sent you an email requesting some assistance, not long after, your engineer called and we talked about the problem I was having. I didn’t have one of the drivers in front of me—they were at our warehouse several miles away—and he didn’t have one in the immediate area to look at either. In an effort to make sure my problem was solved, he located one to make sure he was seeing the same things I was looking at. He called me back a short time later, we talked about how the terminals were labeled and took away all the confusion I was having. Later in the day, armed with his explanation it took me less than 5 minutes to finish wiring both units and they both work as intended. Thank you so much. I deal with a number of suppliers on a daily basis and while cost is important, service and value are what keeps us returning to our key suppliers.

B.D., Palmdale, CA

IMPRESSED!!! I want to thank you for the fast and efficient service I received from your company. OUTSTANDING!! I want to kick myself for dealing with (a different company) first - really bad experience. Any other orders will definitely go to your company. Thank you sincerely,

C.L., Schaumberg, IL

Why thank you! I was very pleased with the tech support I received and totally satisfied with the products. I will use Environmental Lights again for future projects.

S.M., Smyrna, TN

Thanks! You guys rock, and I'll be recommending you to my contractor friends.

A.W., San Jose, CA

Thank you for your courteous and thoughtful assistance with my order. The Vietnam Mini-Cav reunion members (for whom we need the lights--under large canopies) will certainly be grateful, as well. We learned about you site from one of our sons and are very happy he "hooked us up" :-)

G.H., West Chester, PA

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for all of your research and for being so helpful!!! The lights ... those flex strips which Brent ordered from you are AWESOME!!!!

J.D., Sandwich, MA

Nice to see such good customer service exists in this day and age. Such will be remembered.

J.S., Poughkeepsie, NY

I love your stuff. Your controllers are the best I have seen.

W.B., Anchorage, AK

Thank you for all the guides. I want tell you that of all the companies I deal with, yours Rocks!! Details like sending these guides to customers are very unusual.

M.G., Winter Garden, FL

I just wanted to let you know that I just placed a small order to illuminate another part of our kitchen. At long last the larger order you helped me with is now fully installed. I cannot tell you how impressed and delighted my wife and I are with these lights. They made a dramatic difference in our kitchen!

G.K., Branchburg, NJ

I am very impressed with your website! It has always been a very comprehensive source of information and guidance. We have all the fixtures up and they look great! I'm so pleased with the installation. Aloha,

B.N., Kaneohe, HI

Just another thank you to all of you at Environmental Lights. We have based our business on customer service. It’s refreshing to have another company in the ranks. That’s what makes us grow and makes happy customers. So take an atta-boy out of petty cash, ya’ll! Thanks again.

D.G., Las Vegas, NV

Thank you, Environmental Lights, for your prompt follow up. We will be calling again in the future for more LED light strings, and more, and passing Environmental Lights’ name on.

L.G., Dayton, MD

I just want to say thank you! I had forgotten to order a male adapter for my ribbon of IR LEDs and you just threw one in! I appreciate it!

D.N., River Falls, WI

Just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful product, really like the outcome of my kitchen project and have been passing out your website like it was a party favor at the super bowl. Best I can hope is that you get more business as you truly have a great product.

E.R., Milford, MI

I just wanted to let you know that the lights are now perfect. We are extremely happy with your product. I really appreciate your patience and follow up to assure we have a good experience. If you need a positive referral, please don't hesitate to give our name.

J.K., Bloomington, IN

I have been pleased with items bought from you over the last several years and your quick response on this problem is appreciated!!

B.S., Social Circle, GA

Thank you, and it has been a pleasure doing business with Environmental Lights. Great job! I will look back here for future needs.

P.M., Boston, MA

Thanks for the excellent customer service. Both Bruce and yourself made this process very easy. Thank you.

R.M., West Frankfort, IL

We just received our IR LED strips and so far we are really impressed with the product. Thanks a lot for this great product.

N.L., Montreal

It's been a pleasure doing business with you, especially getting the order filled and in my hands in such a short time. Hope to talk to you again someday.

B.M., Skagway, AK

I read about the fantastic story of the birth of your infra red led ribbons somewhere on nuigroup. Your product enables us to build multitouch panels using FTIR technology the simpliest way we could.

N.N., France

Thanks a million! You guys have great customer service!

D.V., Bellevue, WA

Thanks for the quick reply. Seems everything you guys do is fairly quick. I am making a multitouch table and your supplies seem to be exactly what I need to make a high quality table with little work. Thanks for your information and your help. Hope your business continues to thrive.

T.A., West Lafayette, IN

Thanks again for everything you and your company have done. Your service and cooperation are exceptional and I am sure I will be back for business in the future.

M.G., Wright Patterson AFB, OH

Thanks for your time and effort to help me find's much appreciated! I've never experienced such great customer service!!!

K.C., Pawtucket, RI

Thank you very much! It’s wonderful to deal with a company that has responsive and personal customer service. Look forward to receiving my order!

R.K., Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much ! I guess you realize that you are the only one in the world selling this IR product. And it is a must for building multitouch devices. Furthermore, it is a real pleasure to do business with you. I hope that you will be rewarded in a long term for taking the risk of making these IR strips. All the best.

E.G., Ile de France, France

Thanks for this extremely helpful information -- I sought help from six different online lighting sources, and you were the ONLY ONE who gave me exactly what I needed -- your assistance has been greatly appreciated!!!

J.W., Madison, WI

I just received my order and my fears that the undercabinet lighting I ordered would not be what I expected have been totally blown away. I am very impressed with your prompt delivery and the outstanding quality of your products. My installation is not finished, but just testing the lights has made me realize that I made the right decision. I'll send some photos when the project is complete. Thanks again.

D.P, Las Vegas, NV

It is always nice to "meet" someone who really does care about customer service and is willing to work hard to meet a customer need! I VERY MUCH appreciate you taking personal interest and spending the time to check on the order yourself! I too am very "Hands On" with my clients and thus it was a REAL pleasure to find someone of "Like Mind"!! I wish the VERY best to you as your business continues to grow! Thanks again for your help!

D.B., Clearwater, FL

I'm just sending along a quick note to let you know that your lights arrived in great condition and I am enjoying them tremendously. What a fun product. Thank you very much.

J.J., New York, NY

Thank you for the great service!

L.K., Santa Rosa, CA

Wanted to let you know the package has arrived. We are all in awe, this stuff is amazing. It looks like this stuff will work out perfectly. I have to deal with a lot of companies and people via the phone and internet. Very few of them are as helpful as you have been. This latest e-mail from you just proves that. Thanks again. You ROCK!

A.D., Seattle, WA

Thanks.....all I can say is OUTSTANDING SERVICE in every way. You are a joy to work with. Thank you again.

E.D., Rice Lake, WI

Thanks for the exceptional service. My order arrived today. Expect future orders!! Thanks.

R.R., Eden Prairie, MN

My cove lights look awesome, by the way, and I tout them every chance I get!

J.H., Cold Spring, NY

Thanks so much. Makes me feel good to do business with a company that is ethical and honest. Don't worry, I will be back.

D.S., Frisco, TX

I wanted to let you know it was a pleasure dealing with you and your company. I received the LEDs today, which was quicker than I had anticipated. And I appreciate the help you provided with regard to all the questions I had about the materials. It was a very pleasant transaction experience. Thanks again.

R.A., Toronto

I had great help at your customer service line!

W.O., Durango, CO

What a wonderful company! I was helped by a friendly lady who gave me some sound advice. Please thank her for me. I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your phone and easy online ordering. I don't like when customers call to complain about service, but fail to PRAISE great service when deserved. You deserve to be commended. I will use the lights in the interior of a large, cutaway display airplane model.

P.M., El Dorado Hills, CA

Thanks for the friendly and knowledgeable exchange. The web site runs very well, but beyond that, your expertise and your knowledge of the products is a key factor in my recommendation of your company to our designers.

B.W., Sausalito, CA

Thank you very much- you have been really great throughout this process and we really appreciate it.

G.T., Downers Grove, IL

I want to compliment you on your excellent service! I placed an order about a week ago on the internet and it was very promptly filled and shipped. I placed another order today, and there was a good chance I made a mistake on the order: your customer service rep immediately called me and explained the situation. The rep was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

S.H., Sacramento, CA

The oval lights between the blinds are your LED strips that I purchased. They are mounted behind a piece of frosted lexan and look really nice changing colors! I will be buying more!

D.P., Syracuse, NY

You've been really good to work with, so I'll be a returning customer.

F.S., Washington, D.C.

Amazingly informational response! Thanks so much for all of your help! Your support is top notch. You have a great company that I will be very pleased to do business with now and any time I need bulbs in the future.


Thank you so much for your prompt and gracious response. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

M.F., Nashville, TN

I appreciate your prompt service and have already passed on your name to my friends!

K.M., New York, NY

Our order arrived and we would like to express thanks for the prompt shipment of items ordered from your website which arrived in perfect condition. Your website was very beneficial helping us make the correct and best choices. We are taking serious our contribution using your reduced energy consuming products helping to solve the problem with global warming. The products we ordered have exceeded our expectations. With your website others will also be able to make a valuable contribution. Thanks,

D.M., San Diego, CA

Just got the strips and man are they amazing! WOW! I am glad that we ordered the controller, that does simplify things quite a bit. Thank you for everything, and the owner is quite impressed, he wants to utilize these more in our future products. Thanks again.

M. B., New Brighton, MN

My husband and I want to express our gratitude and let you know how great the LED lights look on our new home. From customer service to super-fast shipment, we look forward to adding more lights onto the house and will keep ordering from for many years to come.

T.E., Methuen, MA

I love the lights—they are so brilliant and bright. I also appreciate your e-mails about tracking the shipment and the speedy service. Many thanks for a great product!

J.G., Jordan, MN

Thank you for all of your help. The customer service was great and when people ask where I got the lights I will send them to

S.L., Boise, ID

Great personalized service!

M.C., New York, NY

Shipment arrived on time and in good order. Lights are precisely as described and we’re very happy with the selection. Thank you for your attentive service. Your generous offer to overlook the shipping snafu is greatly appreciated. Will certainly shop again and recommend to others.

J.P., Metuchen, NJ

Thanks—lights arrived Wednesday—they're very nice—pleasure doing business with you.

R.S., Spencer, MA

I want to thank you for such great service at Environmental Lights! Setting up my account was extremely easy and efficient. Ordering what I wanted was a breeze and I found your website very user friendly. My shipment had specific instructions and I was so impressed by the prompt phone call I received the very next day regarding my shipment! Your personal service is spectacular! I’ll be using Environmental Lights from now on for my lighting needs!

L.R., Vancouver, WA

Boy that was fast! I sure like the service.

A.C., Seattle, WA

Thank you very much for the great service!

J.P., Nashua, NH