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Lighting typically represents 1% of the cost of a residential or commercial building, but has a much bigger impact on the look and the utility of the building than its cost contribution would suggest. Having the right lighting partner is key to your success. We provide fully customizable lighting solutions to architects, construction managers, electrical contractors and lighting consultants.

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Environmental Lights is based in California and has been on the forefront of LEED Certification, Title 24 Standards and California’s Zero Net Energy Program. Light pollution reduction, dynamic controllability, high efficacy and optimal energy performance are key factors to meeting guidelines and certifications. Our team of sales engineers works with you every step of the way to make sure your project is successful and code compliant.

Drivers And Power Supplies

The Right Power For Your Design

We know the importance of correctly powering every part of your lighting system and meeting the necessary safety standards. We offer a variety of drivers that are UL-Listed in both Canada and the US, are RoHS compliant and meet FCC requirements. Give one of our sales engineers a call to discuss the power your project will require and how we can help make your installation code compliant.

Dimming Drivers

We offer a variety of UL-Listed and RoHS recognized 0-10V dimming solutions. We will help you choose the correct one. Our product engineering team selects and tests each driver to make sure it will help your project be a success. With 0-10V dimming and a high frequency PWM output, your lights will be free from flicker and capable of dimming from 100% brightness to completely off.


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Retail Project Gallery

Need LED Samples to Show Your Client?

Have an upcoming project and need to present the very best LED lighting solution to your client? We offer LED Sample Kits to help you make the most informed LED lighting decision for your biggest jobs. You can now explore our growing inventory of over 200 UL Listed LED Strip Lights online, and physically test a sample kit that best fits needs of your installation. Choose from our variety of LED Strip Light Sample Kits. To learn more about how our LED Sample Kits can help you make your next project shine, please contact one of our LED lighting specialists at 888.880.1880 or

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