Enttec Pixelator Mini

Enttec Pixelator Mini

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Product Features

The PIXELATOR MINI is an 8-port Ethernet pixel controller. Using PLINK protocol, each port provides data to a PLINK INJECTOR which can control up to 2 Universes each, making the PIXELATOR MINI powerful enough to control up to 8,192 channels (2,730 RGB Pixels) with perfect synchronization across all eight of its outputs.

The PIXELATOR MINI supports a wide range of pixel protocols, which can be controlled with sACN, Art-Net, ESP and Kling-Net through an intuitive web browser. Controlling LED pixels, dots and digital strips has never been easier.

PLINK protocol can transmit up to 1024 channels (2 Universes) over a 300m distance using Cat5e/Cat6 cable to each PLINK INJECTOR. This allows for control of up to 340 RGB or 256 RGBW pixels per output. This satellite system provides great flexibility, and since all data conversion is processed on the PIXELATOR MINI, the PLINK INJECTOR is kept as compact as possible.

Depending on the application, choose between the indoor or outdoor IP PLINK INJECTOR, ensuring that the voltage is compatible with the pixels and power supply which is installed locally to the PLINK Injectors.


Create impressive lighting effects and scenarios. Perfect for clubs, bars, lounges, architectural design, fairs, concerts, and special events!


Type PC-to-Pixel
Height (English) 1.75 in
Height (Metric) 44.5 mm
IP Rating IP20
Length (English) 7.52 in
Length (Metric) 191 mm
Manufacturer Enttec
Rating CE
Input Voltage 120 or 240 DC
Warranty 1 year
Width (English) 4.45 in
Width (Metric) 113 mm