REVI XL Downlight 58 Degree Reflector

REVI XL Downlight 58 Degree Reflector

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Product Features

The REVI XL Downlight 58 Degree Reflector is designed to alter the beam of light from the light engine downward at a medium, 58 degree beam angle. It is designed specifically for use with the REVI XL downlight fixtures.

This XL light engine can be configured with any REVI XL reflector and mounting kit combination to suit the application needed. See the list below for necessary configuration parts. Each element is sold separately.

About REVI XL Downlight Configurations

The REVI XL downlight fixture allows lighting designers and integrators to select from multiple reflector and mounting options to configure a comprehensive downlighting solution for their application. All products are sold separately. Necessary products needed for a complete configuration include:

  • Light engine
  • Reflector [optional] (narrow, medium or wide)
  • Mounting kit (stem, cable or recessed)

About the REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System

The REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System is a low-voltage, Class-2, constant current solution for downlighting. REVI features programmable, RDM enabled power supplies and a la carte configurable fixtures. The system facilitates easy installations, remote power management and simple integration of low voltage downlighting into control systems.

    Features List:
  • 58 degree beam angle
  • Compatible with REVI XL components


The REVI XL Downlight 58 Degree Reflector directs the light from the REVI XL light engine downward in a medium, 58 degree beam angle. It is ideal for general architectural applications. It can be used with any of the REVI XL light engines.


Type Optics
Manufacturer EnvironmentalLights
Rating UL
Beam Angle 58°