LumaTrax Channel System - 4ft

LumaTrax Channel System - 4ft

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Product Features

The LumaTrax Channel System - 4ft provides a simple and seamless way to add accent lighting above baseboards and below crown molding. This four-feet-long channel can be applied virtually anywhere accent lighting is desired. The channel system is subtle enough to be used on its own or with existing decorative molding to enhance any interior space.

Simple Installation
LumaTrax consists of a base and cover that conceals cables and holds LED strip light perfectly in place. You will never worry about having to install wires in your walls or attic.

Fit Any Space
LumaTrax enables the placement of lighting throughout any room while eliminating the potential for “hot spots.” LumaTrax can be cut to fit desired sizes. Corner pieces are also available.

    Features List:
  • Comes in four feet segments and can be cut to any length
  • Four-foot length
  • Supports up to 12mm wide LED strip light
  • LumaTrax Channel "creates the cove"
  • Blended appearance looks like trim
  • Modular and expandable for any space
  • Surface mounted and paintable
  • Enables easy cable management
  • Eliminates cost of fabricating a location for lighting


Architecturally inspired, LumaTrax can be applied virtually anywhere accent lighting is desired and is subtle enough to be used on its own to enhance any space.


Inside Width 12 mm
Height (English) 1.89 in
Height (Metric) 48.1 mm
Length (English) 48.03 in
Length (Metric) 1.22 m
Manufacturer Inception Innovations
Width (English) 1.01 in
Width (Metric) 25.7 mm