5-in-1 5050 LED Strip Light with RGB + 6,500K + Amber - 60/m - 5m Reel

5-in-1 5050 LED Strip Light with RGB + 6,500K + Amber - 60/m - 5m Reel

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Product Features

Sold by the 5 meter reel, foot and sample kit.

5-in-1 LED Strip Light with RGB + 6,500K and Amber gives you the ability to create bolder colors than ever before, making it perfect for use in scenic, stage and retail environments. The 5-in-1 is just that; five LEDs conveniently packaged in just one node, allowing for richer tones and cooler hues that were previously impossible to achieve with a single strip. In addition to containing an RGB diode, this strip also features both an amber and a 6,500K white diode to allow for an expanded color palette.

Create more saturated colors, achieve seamless color blending and utilize a nearly endless color palette. When mixed the with RGB colors, the amber and 6,500K white LEDs allow for deeper blues and purples, more true primary colors and more vibrant pastels than standard RGB strip lights.

The DMX 5 Channel Decoder is the perfect companion with the 5-in-1 LED Strip Light in studio, retail, exhibit or other settings. When connected to a DMX system, the whites and RGB can be independently controlled to allow for scene changes ranging from 6,500K white to colored RGBA scenes and everything in-between. You can even isolate the amber or 6,500K white light to run independently for things such as task lighting.

5-in-1 LED Strip Light with RGB + 6,500K and Amber is offered in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions allowing for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Features List:
  • 5 colors on the same node
  • Over 1 trillion color combinations
  • UL Listed and RoHS certified
  • DMX controllable
  • Seamless blending of RGB with Amber and 6,500K white
  • Applications

    5-in-1 LED Strip Light with RGB + 6,500K and Amber reduces the installation costs of having to run multiple LED strip lights to achieve a mixture of RGB and two white lights. This makes it perfect for scenic, stage and retail environments. Utilize the 6,500K white diode separately from the RGB to create task lighting or blend them together with amber to create deeply saturated and more true colors. Pair with one of our channel systems to create a solution that is diffused and ready for installation.


    Ambient Temperature -20°C to 40°C
    Brightness 111/318/103/110/396 lumens/meter
    Brightness 2 300/1800/800/900/1500mW/meter
    Height (English) 0.08 in
    Height (Metric) 2 mm
    Input Current 3854 mA
    IP Rating IP20
    LED Density 60 LEDs/meter
    LED Node Size 5050
    LED Spacing (English) 0.66 in
    LED Spacing (Metric) 16.7 mm
    Length (English) 16.4 ft
    Length (Metric) 5 m
    Light Color RGB + Amber + White
    Light Color Detail Red, Green, Blue, Amber, 6,500K White
    Manufacturer EnvironmentalLights
    Min. Cutting Increment (English) 3.94 in
    Min. Cutting Increment (Metric) 100 mm
    Rating UL, RoHS
    Beam Angle 120°
    Input Voltage 24 DC
    Warranty 5 years limited
    Power (Watts) 92.5
    Power (Watts/ft) 5.6
    Power (Watts/m) 18.5
    Wavelength 630/520/463/592
    Width (English) 0.47 in
    Width (Metric) 12 mm