SLD Smart-Dim Module (1-10V + PWM)

SLD Smart-Dim Module (1-10V + PWM)

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The SLD-DIM1B is a UL listed Class 2 LED dimming module that enables non-dimming DC power supplies to dim using a standard 0-10V dimming controller. These pair perfectly with the UL Listed Genlume Power Supplies, GEN60WUV12VC and GEN100WUV24VC. The SLD-DIM1B fits inside of the GenLume's integrated junction box and provides the GenLume power supplies with 0-10V dimming capability.

It uses a high frequency 1kHz PWM output to dim the lights, ensuring that there is no visible flicker to the naked eye. The SLD-DIM1B provides smooth dimming from 100% brightness to completely off and many modules can be controlled by a single dimming controller. 0-10V dimming means that they can even be integrated into many commercial dimming systems or used with wireless dimming controllers. The small size makes it easy to include in a new installation or even retrofit into an existing junction box. It can be used with any Class 2 power supply, 8-30V DC.

  • UL Listed Class 2 dimming module.
  • Enables 0–10 V dimming of Class 2 DC power supplies.
  • High 1kHz PWM frequency output to avoid visible flicker.
  • Smooth dimming from 100% on to off.
  • Fits into small spaces, including junction boxes.
  • Handles up to 5A current, 8-30VDC.
  • Can be controlled using widely available 0-10V dimmers and control systems.
  • Typical efficiency of 97%.


This dimming module is fantastic for a variety of lighting applications, including:
  • LED Strip Lighting.
  • Architectural Lighting.
  • Retail & Signage Lighting.
  • Office General Lighting.
  • Warehouses.
  • Street lighting.
  • Displays.
  • Showcases.


Height (English) 0.57 in
Height (Metric) 14.5 mm
IP Rating IP20
Length (English) 2.2 in
Length (Metric) 55.9 mm
Rating UL Listed
Input Voltage 8 to 30 DC
Warranty 3 year
Power (Watts) 120
Width (English) 1.46 in
Width (Metric) 37.1 mm