Daylight White 2835 CurrentControl 160 Degree High Power LED Light Bar, 7 LEDs/bar, 9.8 inches long

Daylight White 2835 CurrentControl 160 Degree High Power LED Light Bar, 7 LEDs/bar, 9.8 inches long

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This product has been discontinued and has limited stock available. Please contact our sales team for current stock levels.

CurrentControl 160 Degree High Power LED Light Bars can be used for any application that needs a wide beam angle to illuminate an area with no hot spots.

Each light bar has 7 high power 2835 LEDs per bar, each with an optical lens around the LED to evenly distribute the output at a beam angle of 160 degrees. About 1.34 inches of space between each high power LED. They are easy to install using any of the precut mounting holes. The bars are easy to dim or control using any of our LED controllers or dimmers. Use a DMX controller in conjunction with our DMX decoders for ultimate control over your lighting.

Each package includes one light bar and one 2-pin jumper. Power supplies, mounting screws and cables are sold separately.

Sold in 9.8 inch lengths and 19.7 inch lengths.
  • Daylight White (6500Kelvin.)
  • Beam angle: 160 degrees.
  • CRI = 92+.
  • Brightness = 376 lumens/bar.
  • 24 volts DC.
  • 7.5 watts/bar.
  • Number of LEDs per bar: 7.
  • Length of each bar: 9.8 in = 250 mm.
  • Width of each bar: 0.79 in = 20 mm.
  • Height of each bar: 0.31 in = 8 mm.
  • LED spacing: 1.34 in = 34 mm.
  • UL Listed, CE, RoHS.
  • 50,000 hours expected lifetime.
  • Warranty: 3 years limited.
  • No Ultra-Violet emissions, so it won't harm your art or documents.
  • We use high quality LEDs for maximum color vibrancy, longevity and color rendering. We pay more for our LED components, and you'll benefit from the difference. This is not a commodity product. Quality matters, and the materials, controls, connections and tech support we provide will make your project successful.
  • We provide detailed installation instructions, design criteria and technical support upon request.


These high power LED Light Bars are used in signs and light boxes, among other applications. They are bright and have a wide beam angle of 160 degrees to illuminate a large area directly in front of the bar. The bars are easy to install using the built-in mounting holes.


Ambient Temperature -20°C to 40°C
Brightness 376 lumens/bar
CRI 90+
CCT 6500K
Efficacy 12.5 lumens/watt
Efficacy 2 0 mWatt/watt
Height (English) 0.31 in
Height (Metric) 8 mm
Input Current 313 mA
IP Rating IP20
LED Node Size 2835
LED Spacing (English) 1.34 in
LED Spacing (Metric) 34 mm
Length (English) 9.84 in
Length (Metric) 250 mm
Linkable up to 11 bars
Manufacturer EnvironmentalLights
Rating UL Listed, IP20, CE, RoHS
Beam Angle 160°
Input Voltage 24 DC
Warranty 3 years limited
Power (Watts) 7.5
Power (Watts/ft) 9.1
Power (Watts/m) 30
Width (English) 0.79 in
Width (Metric) 20 mm