Ilumicode Ilumicode
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Finish Gray
Length (English) 4.33 in
Length (Metric) 110 mm
Width (English) 2.74 in
Width (Metric) 70 mm
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Product Features
The Ilumicode V 2.21 is the configuration module for ILUMINARC® products that do not have a control panel. This product is the only way of changing their DMX address and personality from their default values. The Ilumicode V 2.21 can also be used to configure and control its associated products in the absence of a DMX controller. The Ilumicode V 2.21 consists of a single hand-held instrument with a pig tale cable terminated on a 3-pin XLR connector. It comes with a short adapter cable to connect the Ilumicode V 2.21 to the signal wires using color-coded alligator clips.


  • External control panel for ILUMINARC IP rated products.
  • Configures products to operate on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7-channel DMX modes.
  • Operating modes:
  • 1-channel: SOLID.
  • 2-channel: VW.
  • 3-channel: VW + D.
  • 3-channel: ARC1.
  • 4-channel: ARC1 + D.
  • 4-channel: ARC2.
  • 5-channel: ARC2 + D.
  • 5-channel: ARC3.
  • 6-channel: ARC3 + D.
  • 7-channel: ARC FULL.
  • Applications
    Finish Gray
    Height (English) 1.1 in
    Height (Metric) 28 mm
    Length (English) 4.33 in
    Length (Metric) 110 mm
    Manufacturer ILUMINARC
    Rating CE, RoHS
    Warranty 1 year
    Width (English) 2.74 in
    Width (Metric) 70 mm
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