12 Volt DC Landscape Power Supply (60 Watts), 9-15 VAC input

12 Volt DC Landscape Power Supply (60 Watts), 9-15 VAC input

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This power supply creates 12 Volts DC from a 12 Volt AC landscape lighting system. It is used to power any 12 VDC lighting in places where you have 12 VAC (low voltage) landscape lighting wire available in the ground, but not 120 VAC (line voltage) power. This makes it extremely useful in common situations.

  • Bare wire inputs, stripped. Use landscape wire nuts or other landscape connection techniques appropriate for a load of 60 watts.
  • Output wires are also bare wire, stripped. Just connect to a 12 VDC LED lighting system. We also have landscape supplies with 24 VDC output.
  • 60 watts output.
  • 9 to 15 Volts AC input. This supply was specially designed to tolerate the wide range of voltage commonly found in sprawling landscape installations. It is not unusual to see a 6 volt drop over long, heavily loaded, older (resistive) landscape lines. This is why many landscape transformers offer 3 outputs (12, 13 and 15 Volts AC.) Using the 15 volt tap allows you to power incandescent or other inexpensive lights that require close to 12 volts on lines that drop 3 or 4 volts at the far end. Unfortunately, near the transformer, the line will have 15 VAC, which can damage lighting or supplies that were not designed for the higher voltage. So the design of this supply will protect it at 15 VAC, where it "bucks" the excess voltage, PLUS the supply will "boost" a voltage as low as 9 VAC. The wonderful result is that it will generate the requisite 12 Volts DC for any input voltage between 9 and 15 VAC. That gives you incredible flexibility to put your 12 VDC LED lighting in places you never thought possible, without running extension cords over grass, walkways and driveways. Use the low voltage lines you already have in the ground!
  • 12 Volts DC output.
  • Input wires are 2 x 14AWG; Output wires are 2 x 16AWG.
  • Indoor/outdoor use.
  • RoHS, IP67. RoHS means compliant with Reduction of Hazardous Substances standards. Lead was not used to make these products.


This power supply may be used for powering 12 VDC lighting from landscape lighting systems with AC voltages ranging from 9 to 15 VAC.


Height (English) 1.61 in
Height (Metric) 41 mm
IP Rating IP67
Length (English) 7.13 in
Length (Metric) 181 mm
Rating RoHS, IP67
Input Voltage 9 to 15 AC
Warranty 3 year seasonal use limited
Power (Watts) 60
Width (English) 2.72 in
Width (Metric) 69 mm