RGB PixelPro LED Mini Dome Module

RGB PixelPro LED Mini Dome Module RGB PixelPro LED Mini Dome Module
Product No.: RGB-pixelpro-minidome-30

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Light Color RGB
Wavelength 623/522/472
Beam Angle 120°
Power (Watts) 0.72
Input Voltage 12 DC
Price Per Module : $3.00
Required: Requires a DMX controller, DMX512 PixelPro Decoder and 12 volt driver.

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Product Features
RGB PixelPro LED Mini Dome Modules combine multiple LEDs with an intelligent WS2801 integrated circuit chip, to produce eye catching animated effects. With one IC chip per module, each module requires 3 addresses for full control. The performance and control of these modules is like nothing you have ever seen. Each RGB Mini Dome can be individually controlled at the same time. We conducted extensive testing on a number of IC chips and chose the best one on the market. The WS2801 chip provides the widest range of colors, is faster, more efficient, and overall performs better than other IC chips.

Easy to customize and control when used with the DMX512 Pixel Decoder. Compatible with standard DMX output, the DMX512-PX-2801 can be used with a DMX controller or light board control system of your choice. The DMX512-PX-2801 converts standard DMX output into serial protocol for the WS2801 chip, thereby enabling control of each module.

Each RGB LED Module is individually addressable, so you can set the color of each Mini Dome connected in a string independent of one another. With 3 LEDs in each 30mm diffused Mini Dome, these intelligent modules are perfect for creating ambient lighting effects. Easy to install using the built in mounting tabs with screw holes. Create lighting effects for large displays that were never thought possible. The ability to control the color of each module creates an endless number of scenarios for creative lighting design. This is the beauty of pixel control.

The PixelPro Mini Dome Modules are made in strings of 20, with connector plugs on the input and output of full strings. Module strings can be easily linked at the beginning and end using the built in connectors. PixelPro modules are one directional, so be sure pay attention to the orientation of the string. Female plug is always the input to the string, male output. The input direction is always indicated by an arrow. This product is not waterproof when cut and the SM connectors are not waterproof.

Easy to install: Built in mounting tabs with screw holes located on both sides of the module. 20 cm (about 8 inches) of wire between modules. Female input and male output connectors on front and end respectively, on full strings. Simply connect them together. Because the wire is flexible, you can array your modules around your installation as you wish. If you have dark spots, you can reposition at will. Module strings can be easily linked at the beginning or end.

  • Diffused plastic Mini Dome, 30 mm in diameter.
  • Inputs: GND, DI, CI, +12V
  • Red, Green, Blue (623/522/472 nm wavelength.)
  • IP65 waterproof.
  • 12 volts DC.
  • 0.72 watts (14.4 watts/string.)
  • Length: 1.6 in = 40.6 mm.
  • Width: 1.2 in = 30.5 mm.
  • Height: 1 in = 25.4 mm.
  • Cuttable between modules.
  • RoHS, IP65.
  • Uses WS2801 IC.
  • 50,000 hours expected lifetime.
  • Warranty: 3 years limited.
  • No Ultra-Violet emissions, so it won't harm your art or documents.
  • We use high quality LEDs for maximum color vibrancy, longevity and color rendering. We pay more for our LED components, and you'll benefit from the difference. This is not a commodity product. Quality matters, and the materials, controls, connections and tech support we provide will make your project successful.
  • Cut LED modules are not returnable.
  • We provide detailed installation instructions, design criteria and technical support upon request.
  • When wiring PixelPro Mini Dome Modules we recommend injecting power every 20 modules. This significantly reduces any voltage drop problems over the line that would lead to reduced flux far from the driver. Simply use the power injector plugs to apply power every 20 domes for best results.

    The easy-to-use PixelPro connectors are listed as companion parts, for your convenience.
Average Lifetime 50,000 hours
Beam Angle 120°
Height (English) 1 in
Height (Metric) 25.4 mm
IP Rating IP65
Input Current 60 mA
Input Voltage 12 DC
LED Node Size 5050
Length (English) 1.60 in
Length (Metric) 40.6 mm
Light Color RGB
Manufacturer EnvironmentalLights
Power (Watts) 0.72
Rating RoHS, IP65
Warranty 3 years limited
Wavelength 623/522/472
Width (English) 1.2 in
Width (Metric) 30.5 mm
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