RGB LED Touch Controller (Receiver)

RGB LED Touch Controller (Receiver)

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Product Features

The RGB-T3-5A receiver is an easy way to sync and control 4-wire Red-Green-Blue 5, 12, or 24 volt DC LED strips or other RGB LEDs. Compatible with the RGB-T3X remote control, this receiver comes pre-programed with 32 modes. To display a static color when using the receiver without a remote, simply touch the pause button on the receiver.
  • When powered on, all receivers within the effective range will sync and display the same color or mode selected, even if no remote is present.
  • 32 pre-programmed modes: 7 static and 25 dynamic.
  • RGB-T3-5A receiver can be operated independent of RGB-T3X remote control, however this eliminates the ability to access or create custom color sequences.
  • Using the remote, customize RGB color sequences or static colors.
  • Remote contains 8 memory storage functions - easy to recall by simply pressing the corresponding number.
  • Custom color sequences can be set with remote to fade, step, or strobe through colors, with speed and brightness adjustments.
  • Simplify your RGB LED installation and eliminate wires by pairing multiple RGB-T3-5A receivers with one RGB-T3X remote.
  • Each remote can control an unlimited number of receivers.
  • 5 amps per channel maximum load.
  • Indicator light on remote displays current color of RGB lighting and blinks to confirm commands.
  • Power off memory function.
  • Radio frequency remote control works through walls with effective range of up to 100 feet. You do not need to connect the wireless receivers to each other or the remote control. Just connect your lights to the wireless receivers.

    See the Documentation Tab for a detailed description.


Hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, homes and entertainment centers. Using the RGB-T3X remote, customize and store color scenes for sporting events, holidays or custom displays.

Perfect for large installations – eliminate wiring by syncing multiple receivers with or without the RGB-T3X remote. Ideal for use with our RGB strip lighting. Must be used with a driver with voltage (5, 12 or 24 VDC) that corresponds with the LEDs you use.


Type RF
Height (English) 1.18 in
Height (Metric) 30 mm
IP Rating IP20
Length (English) 8.31 in
Length (Metric) 211 mm
Rating CE, RoHS
Input Voltage 5, 12 or 24 DC
Warranty 1 year
Width (English) 1.57 in
Width (Metric) 40 mm