Wire Connector Model Ideal 64

Wire Connector Model Ideal 64

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Ideal 64
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Product Features

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Direct burial waterproof wire nut for landscape lighting.

Use small (model 60) wire nuts for almost all applications involving connecting to our Versaline Landscape Power Supplies (60 and 120 watt). Detailed approved wire combinations are available in the Ideal UnderGround Wire Connectors-UL Listed Wire Combinations document. Use the medium (model 64) or large (model 66) wire nuts if you are joining larger packs of wires together.

  • Silicone-based sealant protects against moisture and corrosion.
  • UL listed to 486D for use for direct burial.
  • Easy to apply pre-filled twist-on wire connectors.
  • 2 models handle wire sizes from #20 to #8 AWG copper conductors.
  • Live-action, square-wire spring.
  • No pre-twisting required.
  • Shell rated for 105° C.
You have a tough job. IDEAL, the leading brand in twist-on wire connectors, makes it easier with our tough and dependable line of WeatherProof and UnderGround Wire Connectors.

Durability: These harsh-duty wire connectors have been designed specifically to handle wire connections exposed to damp/wet and direct bury/below grade conditions.

Performance: Each connector is pre-filled with a long-lasting, 100% silicone sealant that protects your electrical connections from the most severe environments.

Cost Savings: They save you time and money, too. With other connectors, you have to use heat shrink, resin packs, multi-step corrosion kits, or caulk and tape to protect your electrical connections from moisture and corrosion. Our pre-filled connectors eliminate these costly, time-consuming steps and give you maximum protection with just a few simple twists.


This wire connector offers twist-on, waterproof, in-line cable splicing for direct burial. Services both 12V and 120V line voltage. Rated at up to 600 volts.


Length (English) 2.06 in
Length (Metric) 52.2 mm
Manufacturer Ideal Industries
Rating UL, CSA, RoHS
Input Voltage up to 600V