Overvoltage protection-12 VDC maximum output, 100 Watt (DC to DC Step Up/Down Buck Boost Converter)

Overvoltage protection-12 VDC maximum output, 100 Watt (DC to DC Step Up/Down Buck Boost Converter)

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Product Features

This is a Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter. Buck-boost means that the unit will allow the DC input voltage to be higher or lower than the output voltage, which lets you use 12 volt DC LEDs on a boat or vehicle, where the charging circuitry ordinarily exceeds 12 volts and would otherwise damage your LEDs. Limits DC voltage to no more than 12 Volts.
  • 8 amp (100 watt) maximum.
  • Converter will boost a voltage as low as 10.5 volts to 12 volts and buck (limit) up to 30 VDC at 12 VDC, a stable output that will protect your LEDs and controllers.
  • Output voltage adjustment from 11 - 13.9 volts by internal potentiometer VR2, near C2.
  • Peak output power of 120 watts (case gets to 60°C at 120 Watts continuous, external cooling can extend).
  • No-load overhead < 100 mA.
  • Line regulation: 1%.
  • Load regulation: 3%.
  • Efficiency >75%.
  • Temperature range: 0-55°C = 32-130°F.
  • Protection:
    1. Input polarity protection;
    2. Input low voltage drop out [power off reset;]
    3. Input high voltage protection [power off reset;]
    4. Output short circuit protection [auto reset;]
    5. Output current limit [auto resume;]
    6. Over temperature protection [power off reset.]
Do not use a dimmer on the primary side.

Running motors from this unit will void the 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Use to protect 12 volt DC LED systems on vehicles, solar systems or other off-grid systems, in which the charging system may drive the voltage over 12 volts DC.


Height (English) 1.61 in
Height (Metric) 41 mm
IP Rating IP20
Length (English) 12.01 in
Length (Metric) 305 mm
Manufacturer Neuron Technology
Input Voltage 10.5 to 30 DC
Warranty 1 year
Power (Watts) 100
Width (English) 3.5 in
Width (Metric) 89 mm