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LinkUp Wifi LED Light Bulbs & Controllers

LinkUp LED lighting and control systems offer the versatility to adjust multiple types of LED lights through one universal app on an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

The LinkUp LED lighting series includes 3 types of LED Light Bulbs and 4 types of LED Controllers sets for 12 or 24 volt LED strip lights. Create large installations easily by pairing multiple receivers or bulbs to a single LinkUp Controller!


LinkUp Wifi-Enabled LED Lighting

Watch our video to learn more about the capabilities of LinkUp wifi controlled lighting and the choices of LED lighting available to you!

Purchasing Tips

Questions to consider when buying LinkUp LED Lighting:

    1. Do you want to control LED light bulbs or LED strip light?

    2. Do you need the Wifi Router for smartphone controllability?

    3. How many extra bulbs or receivers will you need to order?

    4. Is warm white or white adjustable lighting better for you?


When paired with the WiFi Router, you are able to connect to the LinkUp wifi network to control an unlimited number of LinkUp receivers and smart bulbs from your smartphone!

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