LinkUp Wifi LED Light Bulbs and Controllers

Linkup Wifi LED Bulbs & Controllers

Smart Lighting for your Smart Phone

Linkup Wifi LED light bulbs and LED controllers are part of an exciting new family of “smart” wifi-enabled lighting from Environmental Lights. These innovative products will bring your home and commercial lighting into the internet age!

LinkUp LED lighting gives you the flexibility to control the atmosphere of your space via compatible LinkUp controllers or conveniently through a single app on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

Wifi Compatible Lighting

When paired with the Linkup Wifi Router, you are able to connect to the LinkUp wifi network in your home or business and control the brightness, color temperature or color effects of the light.

An unlimited number of receivers and smart bulbs can be wirelessly controlled by a single unit, making it great for homes and businesses.

LinkUp LED Light Bulbs:

LinkUp LED Controllers (for LED Strip Lights):


Documents & Manuals

LinkUp Wifi Router Manual

RGB LinkUp LED Light Bulb Manual

White Adjustable LinkUp LED Light Bulb Manual


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