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What’s the difference between FLIR thermal cameras and Security IR cameras?

Infrared cameras have become a primary component to security and military details. These units identify potential threats that are invisible to the naked eye through the use of infrared imaging. If you are considering using infrared cameras to protect an asset, there are a few characteristics to research before selecting one technology over another. Gain true 24/7 protection, even in the cover of the night.

Here are two types of infrared cameras:

FLIR thermal cameras
According to CCTV Outlet, Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer (FLIR) cameras are often seen in television shows or movies as the component reading the presence of people in a dark space with shades of red, yellow, green and purple swirling in display. These cameras pick up the presence of heat and the small amount of infrared light being emitted from a person, animal or object. This unit takes those readings and presents the results in an image on the module interface.

Security IR cameras
While the other unit is showy, this technology is often a much more practical solution to common security solutions, reports the source. Just like an FLIR thermal infrared camera, a security IR camera will capture the infrared light being produced off a warm object, but it has an infrared sensitive video sensor instead of a display.

Sometimes called night vision security cameras, these units have IR light emitting diode (LED) bulbs circling the outer edges of the camera lens, according to CCTV Camera Pros.

Whether the camera is working in no light or little light, an infrared camera can be the ideal security measure for your business.