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Walgreens chooses LED lights for zero-energy store

Walgreens recently unveiled plans to build a zero-energy store in Evanston, Illinois, and has elected to use an LED lighting system to illuminate the outlet. The eco-friendly facility, which will be powered by solar panels and wind turbines, is part of the pharmaceutical chain's initiative to reduce energy consumption in all of its stores. 

"Because we operate 8,000 stores, we believe our pursuit of green technology can have a significant positive impact on the nation's environment," Thomas Connolly, vice president of facilities development, said in a statement. 

LED lights are the best tools for the zero-energy outlet because they consume very little power. According to ENERGY STAR, the eco-friendly light sources use at least 75 percent less electricity than their incandescent counterparts. Additionally, the LED options last 25 times longer, so Walgreens will reduce waste by replacing all of its fixtures less frequently. 

The Daily Tech points out that the low-cost lighting system will help the store reduce energy consumption in other areas. Because the eco-friendly fixtures do not produce as much heat as halogen, fluorescent and incandescent alternatives, the Evanston outlet will not have to rely as heavily on its air conditioning units to maintain comfortable temperatures. Additionally, the minimal heat production will help reduce food spoilage and enhance the overall service in the new branch. 

LED technology is beneficial to all areas of a retail outlet from kiosk displays to exit signs. Walgreens officials can ensure that the entire store is well-lit without using too much power. In fact, the new bulbs burn brighter than other models, so it will be an even more comfortable environment for shoppers. 

Walgreens is just the latest company to debut an ambitious green energy project. Businesses around the world are realizing the benefits of using eco-friendly resources like LED lights in their facilities.