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Waco plans to install LED lights on Suspension Bridge

The Tax Increment Financing board in Waco, Texas, recently approved funding for the installation of LED lights on Suspension Bridge. According to the Waco Tribune, board members have agreed to pay more than $52,000 for the lighting upgrade, which is equivalent to 15 percent of the project's total cost. The city council has yet to finalize the funding, but approval is expected and the new lights should be in place by summer 2013. 

The upgrade was necessitated by lingering issues with the incandescent fixtures used on the bridge. Larry Groth, the city's manager, told the news source that the bridge needs new "necklace lights" on the suspension cables and flood lights on the towers because the current models require frequent replacement and maintenance. 

"We've got some string lights that are a real problem to maintain. They get knocked out and it takes away from the beauty of the bridge," Groth said. 

ENERGY STAR reports there are many benefits that Waco will reap once it installs its new LED lighting system. LED options consume, at minimum, 75 percent less electricity than their inefficient alternatives, while also lasting 25 times longer. Additionally, the new fixtures burn brighter, which will improve the aesthetics of Suspension Bridge. Groth was quick to note that the monthly savings make the upgrade a smart choice for Waco. 

"The beauty of LED is that it not only has tremendously longer life but it's also a significant reduction in electric cost," he said. 

The Waco Tribune reports that Waco's plans are part of a larger trend in Texas as officials from the Department of Transportation recently announced that a new bridge on interstate 35 will receive decorative LED fixtures upon completion. The eco-friendly lights will be a boon to both structures, as they will save money and energy while enhancing the bridges' beauty.