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Waco Civic Theatre wins grant for new lighting

Posted on October 11, 2013 Category: Entertainment & Stage Lighting Articles

The Waco Civic Theatre in Waco, Texas, has been awarded a grant for a new LED stage lighting system.

WCT received the $50,000 Rappaport Foundation grant for the upgrade, according to Access Waco. The new system will include new RGB LED pixel lighting and a LED controller for dimming. Original lighting at the theater was installed in 1980. Its new equipment will join a recent lighting board upgrade to provide more ease and options for future productions.

The improvements will put an end to an annoying flicker that distracted theatergoers from the action on stage for years. RGB LED pixels will also create a vast range of colors, more pinpoint effects and greater ranges of light intensity so that lighting designers at WCT have a wealth of options when planning for a new production.

In addition to securing the lighting grant, WCT also secured rights to put on a production of "Les Miserable," one of the most viewed musicals in the history of the theater industry. Audience members will have top notch lighting accompany the award winning show on stage. Additionally, as LEDs give off very little excess heat, WCT theatergoers can enjoy the production comfortably, and the air conditioning won't be strained to keep the temperature bearable.