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Victoria Public Library adopts LED exterior lighting

Posted on September 4, 2013 Category: Retail & Display Design Articles

The Victoria Public Library in Victoria, Texas, is upgrading its exterior lights to take advantage of outdoor LED lighting fixtures. According to the Victoria Advocate, the project was designed by Scott Stridde and will utilize color changing LED lights to add visual appeal to the building that has housed the library for nearly 40 years. This marks the first update to the library's lighting system since 1975.

"The goal of this project is to improve safety and visibility on the Main, Commercial and Liberty streets sides of the building and to highlight the architecture on the Main Street side of the building," Victoria Public Library Director Dayna Williams-Capone told the Victoria Advocate.

Stridde is especially excited about the RGB LED lighting, which is going to be set up to highlight the four turrets of the building. They can be changed to match the current season or holiday.

"The color-changing LED flood lighting of the turrets will enhance the visual effect of the building architecture. It will bring new life to this portion of the downtown area after dusk in a way that is both energy efficient and very low maintenance," Stridde told the Victoria Advocate.

Sara Rodriguez, the Victoria Main Street director, is pleased with the new project, which was approved by the Victoria City Council for the 2012-13 fiscal year at a cost of $82,335.

"Victoria Main Street Program commends the Victoria Public Library on their efforts to continue the revitalization of our downtown. These types of modern improvements will aid in the sustainability of our downtown for generations to come," she said.

The new LED lights will not only help show off the library at all times of day, but the energy-efficient LED lights will help cut down on the city's energy consumption, making the LED lights a practical choice for the Victoria Public Library.