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Use DLC approved products for large scale outdoor projects

Posted on June 20, 2013 Category: LED Lighting Articles

The DesignLights ​Consortium (DLC) is a collaboration between utility companies and regional energy efficiency organizations that is striving to help improve commercial design practices and encourage energy efficient  commercial lighting.

Founded 14 years ago by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), the DLC's mission is to promote quality, performance and energy efficient commercial sector lighting solutions throughout the United States and Canada. The consortium does this through its collaborations with federal, regional, state, utility, and energy efficiency program members, as well as luminaire manufacturers, lighting designers and other industry stakeholders.

In 2010, the DLC introduced their Qualified Products List (QPL) to recognize products that meet the group's set standards of quality and efficiency. The QPL is considered the watermark for commercial LED lighting systems. Items included on the list can be labeled and marketed as DesignLights Consortium qualified.

Those who are installing a small scale LED lighting system in their commercial property will automatically see energy savings. However, customers shopping for large commercial projects should be mindful of using LED fixtures that are included on the QPL, as they will see the most significant benefits from DLC approved products. Business owners who are installing LED parking lot lights or LED garage lights in particular should pay attention to whether the products that they select carry the DLC label.

Products like the MaxLite LED outdoor lighting sets are included on the QPL, and can assure customers that their maintenance costs and power bills will be lower after the new system is implemented.

The QPL list is updated by the DLC every two weeks as new products go through the stringent application process, so those in the market for a quality LED lighting system will always have an up-to-date reference.