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Tulsa looks to new lights to save money at airports

The city of Tulsa is in the midst of an ambitious energy conservation investment project in the city's airports that has produced substantial savings and considerable positive environmental impacts, according to Tulsa World. The energy conservation efforts include the installation of eco-friendly LED lighting, the replacement of sliding doors with revolving doors and major heating and air conditioning upgrades at both Tulsa International Airport and Jones Riverside Airport.

"Throughout the years, we have looked for ways to save energy," Jeff Hough, the deputy airports director of engineering and facilities, told the news source. "Even in the middle of the night, we have custodians working and building maintenance folks are around as well. There is something going on out here 24 hours a day."

Airport executives had been considering installing LED lights for more than a decade now, but replacing the incandescent bulb types with LED lighting would have cost too much - about $300 per fixture - at that time. However, the cost of LED lights for the airport have now been reduced to approximately $180 per fixture, making the project that much more viable.

According to ENERGY STAR, moving from incandescent bulbs to LED lights is one of the most efficient ways of saving energy, with LED lighting using at least 75 percent less energy than traditional fixtures. Additionally, the LED lights require little maintenance, with lower upkeep costs for airport executives down the road.

The news source reports that the budgeted electrical bill for the two airports for the upcoming 2013 fiscal year has been set at $1.14 million. This takes into consideration energy savings of approximately $20,750 a year at both airports, as well as $26,000 a year in maintenance savings.