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Tips for making a spooky Halloween scarecrow

A scarecrow requires a minimal amount of effort to create and can be a unique feature of your home's outdoor Halloween decorations.  People commonly use old clothing, pumpkins, straw and various materials to make these spooky mannequins, and you can use the following tips to help your creation stand out from others in your neighborhood.

1. Accessorize your scarecrow - Bring your scarecrow to life with accessories. Carve a frightening facial expression into a pumpkin and use this for the mannequin's head. Place tattered clothing on the scarecrow to give it a worn-down, decrepit look, or cover the mannequin in a white sheet to give it a ghastly appearance.

2. Build the body - A full-bodied scarecrow is likely to appear more human to trick-or-treaters. Fill a scarecrow's clothing with straw to give it a bulky look. Minor details can also make a significant difference, so feel free to use sneakers and work gloves to give your creations feet and hands.

3. Dazzle your audience - A scarecrow can be an exciting Halloween decoration if it stands out, and you can help distinguish your mannequin from others by lighting the pumpkin head up from the inside with battery-powered LED lights. You can also easily add LED Halloween lights to a scarecrow's costume or decorate the area around the scarecrow with flashing lights.

EnvironmentalLights.com offers a line of plug-and-play LED light strings that allows you to create different effects with a controller – flashing, twinkle, chasing and more! Homeowners can design a light system to light up there entire yard, and mix and match different types of lights together. Sure to be an exciting stop for visiting trick-or-treaters.