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Tips for outdoor lighting

Homeowners are always looking for ways to spruce up their properties, and LED landscape lights are great tools for improving the exterior's visual appeal. The eco-friendly fixtures can be installed in most locations, so consumers can brighten up any area of their home. That said, there are some basic steps homeowners must follow to make the most of their lights. 

Follow these tips so that your home's exterior will be illuminated brilliantly. 

Choose waterproof models
The ideal fixtures are waterproof so that they can't be damaged by rain and other forms of precipitation. Frequent exposure to water can render some lights unusable, which means homeowners would have to pay for frequent replacements. All outdoor lighting models from Environmental Lights are waterproof, so shoppers can easily find the best options for their houses. Some lights, however, are not submersible, but they can withstand regular exposure to moisture.

Additionally, you can also install an aluminum channel for inlaid lighting in your driveway or around your pool. According to Klus Design, the profiles are extremely durable and can withstand immense pressure. The channels can be paired with waterproof lights, but you must ensure that the entire system is resistant to water damage. 

Don't forget about dimming
Homeowners need to vary their lighting levels depending on the occasion. For instance, someone may want to illuminate the entire yard during a barbeque but might need to turn the bulbs down to have a better view during a fireworks show. Jeff Andrews, a designer from Los Angeles, believes that every light should be dimmable. 

"Everything in the world needs to be on a dimmer," Andrews told the Associated Press. 

Dimmable LED lights provide homeowners with ample control over brightness levels. The adjustable fixtures allow consumers to change how their houses are illuminated every day. 

Perfect placement
According to the Leader-Post, every homeowner must consider their needs before determining where to place their lights because different locations help achieve different objectives. The news source notes that lights in dark areas can ward off criminals and pathway lights can make homes safer. Deciding on individual needs and preferences helps homeowners find the best outdoor LED lighting system for their properties. LED channels are the best solutions for homeowners who want to illuminate long paths surrounding their properties. The profiles can be laid into the ground in drive- and walkways. 

Additionally, if you're looking for design help, Environmental Lights offers assistance for completing your outdoor system. We can help you decide on the best lights for your needs and find the perfect locations for the fixtures.