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Television, photography studios finding LEDs to be the smart choice

Posted on August 19, 2013 Category: Entertainment & Stage Lighting Articles

Lighting and photography professionals are continuing to switch to LED lighting systems as their customers continue to demand the quality that can only be achieved with LEDs.

Kino Flo Lighting Systems, based in Burbank, Calif., has been transitioning to LEDs, and using their inherent flexibility that comes with them to achieve all kinds of different looks. For example, if a client likes the look of fluorescent banks, they can use an LED diffuser to soften the look of the light. This gives the client the exact look they want, while allowing the company to take advantage of the energy savings and long life that comes with using an LED system.

Scott Stueckle, the sales and public relations manager at Kino Flo Lighting Systems, found that the flexibility that comes with RGB LEDs far exceeds that of the older tungsten lights.

"[Y]ou also have low energy and color selection you can choose just by dialing in your color temperature, what color you need for the shot," he told TV Technology. "A lot of people are tending more toward soft lighting because you get a lot of graduated density out of a soft light, from maybe very soft to a harder quality of soft light, and that shows up pretty dramatically in HD camera technology."

Television studios seeing benefits of LEDs
TV Technology also spoke to Gary Thomas, the national sales manager at Videssence in El Monte, Calif., who praised how far LED technology has brought the lighting industry. LEDs now offer the flexibility in design that tungsten lights do, but are a fraction of the cost to run. The lensing and focusing are similar to that of older lights, allowing for photographers to get the effect they want without paying for the extra electricity it takes to run older lights.

One Tulsa-based studio was planning on rebuilding its space, but saved significant funds by just updating the facilities when LEDs became the smarter alternative. When Tulsa CBS affiliate KOTV explored LEDs as an option, it found that they could not only work with the space they already had, but reduce the size of the air conditioning unit because the LEDs transitioning to LEDs, and using their inherent flexibility that comes with them to achieve all kinds of different looks.The savings quickly added up, thanks to the LED lighting system.

Across the country, photography and television studios are seeing that the benefits of LEDs extend well beyond their energy savings.