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Salina city commissioners studying LED lights proposal for downtown

Posted on December 14, 2012 Category: LED Lighting Articles

City commissioners are currently in the process of approving a proposal to replace the streetlights in downtown Salina, Kansas, with LED streetlights, according to the Salina Journal. The proposal has pegged the replacement of 347 outdated lights at a cost of more than $3 million dollars with the expectation that the energy savings on the lights will pay for themselves within 23 years.

The initial estimated cost for the installation of the LED streetlights had been $1.7 million dollars, with a limited project area. However, the original proposal had not considered that the current light poles would not be able to be reused, which prompted the need for new poles. Additionally, city commissioners decided to submit a new proposal, citing the low net cost and the potential savings offered by energy efficiency.

"Adding to a project is like buying with coupons," City Manager Jason Gage told the news source. "If you buy something you don't need with coupons, it is just a cost. If you use a coupon to buy something you need there is a savings."

According to ENERGY STAR, LED streetlights are an exceptionally good option for cities due to automatic daylight shut-off sensors that can be installed. Along with the 75 percent energy savings over incandescent bulb types, the fact that the lights will be automatically shut off during daylight hours ensures little waste.

Once the project is approved, the lights would be installed by November 23 of 2013. The news source reports that the new LED streetlights will be primarily placed along Sante Fe Avenue in downtown Salina.