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RGB LinkUp LEDs can customize small spaces

Those who either own apartment buildings or live in an apartment know how important it is to customize each space to individual residents. It makes what may otherwise be a cookie-cutter studio apartment feel more like home.

Unfortunately, customizing an apartment usually means a fresh coat of paint or lots of artwork that puts holes in the walls that need to be patched later. However, through the use of colored LED lights, apartment residents can give their spaces the pop of color that they want without leaving any cleanup for the building managers.

Products like the RGB LinkUp Light Bulb can be installed in any standard light socket and use a fraction of the energy that an incandescent bulb does. Not only do they come in millions of different colors, but those colors can change with the touch of a button.

LinkUp LED Light Bulb kits each come with a remote that allows users to change the lights from standard white, to any color or brightness they want. Alternatively, they can download an app to their Android or iPhones that will let them control any individual or group of lights. Each remote or app can control an unlimited number of light bulbs.

These multi-colored lights are ideal for any space that has to be versatile. These customizable lights can change depending on the time of day or what you're using the space for. They can be dim and dark for a movie night or bright and colorful for a cocktail party.

On top of the great options for customizable color, because LinkUps are LED lights, they will use just a fraction of the energy that old incandescent or fluorescent bulbs use and have an expected lifetime of 25,000 hours.