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Rechargeable Sparse LED lights brighten up bicycles

Sparse is in the process of developing a set of bicycle LED lights that feature rechargeable batteries and a tough anti-theft system, according to CNet. The project, which is currently in prototype form, is seeking additional financing from startup funding platform Kickstarter in order for the LED lighting to go into mainstream production.

The key selling point to the LED lights from Sparse is that, once installed, they become one with the bike, according to Gizmag. The idea is for the modern urban bicyclist to be able to stay safe without having to constantly worry about his or her bike lights. The Sparse lights use die-cast aluminum outer casings and a double lens sealed against moisture with a silicone gasket. By placing the so-called Spacer Light just below the handlebar stem, Sparse ensures that potential thieves will be hard-pressed to get to the illuminator.

Additionally, the LED lights are each powered by custom Li-pol batteries that can be easily recharged using a micro-USB, similar to that of a smartphone, according to the news source. Instead of having to purchase additional bulb types often, regular bicyclists can just recharge the light batteries using the accompanying 6-foot micro-USB charging cable and wall adapter.

"Micro-USB is the most common cable in our homes, we figure it is for everyone else too," Sparse CEO Colin Owen told Gizmag. "If someone thrashes, smashes or fries theirs, they can re-buy from us or 10,000 other vendors."

Finally, to add more efficiency to the project, the bike LED lights feature three different modes of operation - standard on and off modes as well as an automatic mode. During the automatic setting, the light settings are tied in to the motion of the bike, the news source reports.