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Quinlan Visual Arts Center spends grant money on LED lights

The Quinlan Visual Arts Center, in Gainesville, Florida, recently installed 220 energy-efficient lamps which use LED bulb types, according to the Gainesville Times. The new LED lights should significantly reduce the amount of energy that the gallery will use and lower energy costs.

The news source reports that the center had an energy assessment performed by the Grants to Green partnership, with the gallery scoring "pretty good" in its energy ratings. However, the lighting systems and their high heat discharge were cited as needing improvement. This increased heat led to extra air conditioning during the summer and resulted in overall excessive energy use. Grants for Green ended up issuing a $12,000 grant to the Visual Arts Center earmarked for the installation of LED lights.

"When we started looking at what it costs to turn the lights's significant when you're talking about bulbs that put off that much heat," Amanda McClure, the center's Executive Director, told the news source. "Once [nonprofit organizations] become aware of the environmental impact and tremendous savings [LED lights] can achieve, I think many organizations will desire to adopt energy-efficient practices despite limited funds."

According to ENERGY STAR, LED lights produce very little heat compared to incandescent lighting, and this makes them a better and safer choice for keeping costs down. As a family-friendly facility, the Quinlan Visual Arts Center must consider the safety of children when making their infrastructural decisions.

Early estimates suggest that the new bulb types could save the center approximately $5,000 each year, the news source reports. The savings would go toward paying for new events and exhibitions in the future.