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Properly lighting a bathroom with LED lighting

Posted on October 29, 2013 Category: Articles

There are some easy steps that use LED lighting to properly illuminate a bathroom for efficiency and quality.

According to Forbes, a LED light dimmer is suited for the tub area. Dimming is useful for romance and relaxation where candlelight may supplement ceiling illumination. It allows the lighting to be lowered to the appropriate mood.

Lighting control devices such as the Lutron Maestro wireless also have the option of adding occupancy sensors. According to a survey conducted by Lutron, bathrooms are the room where people would most expect lights to turn on and off automatically. Of 2,114 adult respondents, 44 percent said they would be least surprised by occupancy sensors in bathrooms.

LEDs are also best for task lighting. They can be placed in eye-level wall sconces on the side of the mirror. Activities such as shaving and makeup need proper light so that no details are missed. Additionally, poor lighting can make a person look older, especially if the light source is placed directly above the mirror. LEDs have the right amount of light to prevent any unwanted shadows the appropriate wattage for the room's energy demands.