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Portland on the look out for a Christmas tree

Posted on October 14, 2013 Category: Christmas Lights Articles

The hunt for a Christmas tree has begun in Portland, Ore.

City officials and the Portland Downtown District are searching for a 40 to 60-foot tree to be decorated with 3,000 LED string lights and placed in Monument Square. The PDD is scanning locations within a 15 mile radius of Portland so that the tree will be easy to transport and decorate before the annual tree lighting ceremony on Nov. 29.

Across the nation, cities are starting to assemble and install their holiday displays while the weather is still warm. Many of the trees and public buildings will feature LED Christmas lights to bring new light to local holiday traditions. In some of the applications, LEDs are making their debut, but many cities are bringing them out of storage to kick off the holiday magic once again.

LED string lights use less power than traditional incandescent lights. They are an economical choice for reducing holiday energy expenses. Additionally, more strands can be plugged into a single power source because of their low energy consumption. Portland officials will not have to worry about installing additional power sources in the square to accommodate the lights.