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Paddock Lake, Wisconsin, approves series of LED streetlights

The small community of Paddock Lake, Wisconsin, recently approved the replacement of several streetlights using traditional bulb types with more energy-efficient LED streetlights, according to West of the I.

The LED streetlights were approved to be installed along 248th Avenue by the Paddock Lake Village Board. The lights had previously been high pressure sodium models, which are considerably less efficient in energy usage.

"248th is getting pretty gloomy out there," David Buehn, a local resident, told the news source. "As a taxpayer, I am in support of the LED lighting. That's money well spent."

The installation costs for the LED streetlights has been estimated at approximately $28,000, a sum that the Board unanimously approved. Had the Board chosen to replace the lights with the same high pressure sodium fixtures, the costs would have only been about $7,000. However, those lights would only have lasted about six years, while the LED streetlights are expected to lost more than 20 years. This would save the city a considerable amount on maintenance and replacement costs.

Another source of considerable savings is in the energy bills that the city will be charged for powering the LED streetlights. According to ENERGY STAR, LED streetlights will use at least 75 percent less energy than other bulb types, such as incandescent lighting. That number could reach as high as 90 percent, with those savings showing up on the city's electricity and energy bills. Additionally, as LED lights produce very little heat, the cooling costs - along with any safety issues - will be substantially reduced as well.