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New report identifies key efficiency drivers

Evaluating potential ways of decreasing energy use and increasing sustainability is becoming popular with city officials and residential and commercial property owners. This desire for decreased energy cost and improved efficiency is driving researchers to develop key technologies in a number of markets for a variety of uses. For example, a new report from Improved Illumination titled "Evaluating Your Parking Lot Lighting: Reducing Inefficiencies and Increasing Monthly Savings" has determined that switching out old lighting technologies for light emitting diodes (LEDs) could allow a management company to decrease energy use dedicated to illuminating parking lots.

"This report maps out a series of steps that business owners, property managers, commercial real estate professionals, landlords, car dealerships, hospitality organizations and others can undertake to evaluate the adequacy of their current outdoor lighting configuration. Many of our clients are finding that even if their outdoor lighting has been replaced in a period as short as 3-5 years ago, their outdoor lighting may be inadequate in terms of providing required safety level of lighting," according to Jim Feeney, Managing Director of Improved Illumination.

The report considered six primary characteristics of the traditional compact fluorescent lighting units that would be used to illuminate an outdoor parking lot and the subsequent LED lighting replacement. These six measurements were lighting intensity, lighting consistency, color of lighting, energy efficiency, the duration of lamp life and the effect of lumen depreciation over time, along with the initial costs associated with installing the bulbs, such as ROI, payback, savings and maintenance cost reductions.

Regardless of the scenario put in place, the paper reports that LED lighting features drastically less maintenance costs, uses significantly less energy and can produce the same or better quality of light needed for an outdoor parking garage.