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New York Lacoste Flagship Remodel

Specialty Stairwell by M. Cohen and Sons
The Lacoste brand may be almost 80 years old, but they are far from being dated. Having expanded their retail stores to 70 full-price boutiques in the U.S. and 35 outlet stores, Lacoste is an iconic brand for high-end clothing - most famously polos. In the past year they have started campaigns to give the brand a facelift and increase sales, including new construction on their existing stores.

Last year Lacoste’s Fifth Avenue location underwent a full-scale remodel into the national flagship boutique for the brand.  Expanding the store 1,000 square feet and redesigning the store layout, the sixth-month remodel focused on targeting the brand’s younger and trendier collection, Lacoste Live, to the main floor along with men’s apparel, accessories and footwear. The women’s products were moved to the second floor, but will also be showcased on the main level at times.

"We wanted to elevate the brand and create a true flagship," Steve Birkhold, CEO of Devanlay US Inc., the apparel and accessories licensee for Lacoste, told Women’s Wear Daily. "The old design was really just a bigger version of the format we have in our smaller stores and we were not utilizing the space in an efficient way to maximize sales."

Taking inspiration from denim bars, the new store has polo bars on the main and second levels, showcasing the brand’s iconic L1212 polo. The bigger bar on the main floor holds 1,100 polos with 65 color choices - more than double what they used to offer!

The Floating Stairway Lights the Way
The stand-out feature of the new store design is the floating staircase lit up with LED Lighting from EnvironmentalLights.com. Designed by M. Cohen and Sons, the craftsman team was brought in to do what they do best - make a bold statement. With roots dating back to 1931 from a Russian immigrant blacksmith, the “Cohen way” is to take on new challenges and dream the impossible.

"Cohen courage is being fearless when faced with any project or any plan. It's the ability to fabricate anything - with any materials," states their website, www.mcohenandsons.com. "Cohen craftsmanship is producing high quality work consistently. Cohen commitment is truly partnering with our customers and a total devotion to service."

M. Cohen and Sons specializes in in high-end architectural and artistic custom metal work for storefronts, stairwells and specialty structures. And as a full-service company, they can make a complex idea a reality with their team of engineers, designers and installers.

"Our challenge with this multi-layer staircase was designing the custom lighting to go along with the design," said lead designer, Vladamir Krakhman. "To match with the clean white look of Lacoste, we chose to put in bright LED lighting on each step to help enhance the floating effect."

Having worked with EnvironmentalLights.com before, Krakhman chose their dimmable LED strip lighting in warm white for the job (wwrf5050-60-reel). The 5050 LEDs on this strip are bigger than standard strip - almost 175 percent brighter. And luckily, LEDs are very energy efficient (only 50 watts per 5-meter reel) because the stairway utilized over 650 feet (40 reels), totaling 2 kilowatts of power.

LED Strip lights are dimmable, which allows for store owners to control the light settings and brightness. Environmental Lights offers a variety of strip lights, dimmers and controllers to create any type of lighting in residential or commercial applications.