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Miami Tower wows with new LED exterior lighting

The iconic Miami Tower recently got an upgrade with light emitting diodes (LEDs). The Daily Finance reports that the advanced LED system will drastically lower electricity usage by 92 percent, which will save tenants and the property management company almost $260,000 annually in utility and maintenance costs. The integration of the solid-state lighting units into the design of the exterior display will reduce the property's carbon footprint by 1.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Jones Lang LaSalle's Tom Matese, general manager of the Miami Tower, told the news source that the exterior lighting will allow the property to commemorate special events with unique displays.

"Adopting the latest in building technologies is key to achieving greater energy efficiency, reducing our environmental footprint, and reinforcing Miami Tower's position as the premier building on Miami's skyline," Matese told the source. "The new lighting system will also allow us to reflect our civic pride and celebrate events of importance to the community with customized light shows."

The retrofit of the city's most distinctive skyscraper is believed to be the largest installation of LED lights on the exterior of a single building anywhere in the nation, The Miami Herald reports. The establishment is 47 stories tall and covers more than 623,000 square feet of commercial space.

In addition to drastically decreasing the utility and operational costs associated with running the building, the retrofit will allow the property management company to customize the exterior display. The news source reports that to switch the tower from a 47-story rippling American flag to a pool of wavy turquoise and green water will only require a few swipes of a finger on a smartphone. The exterior display will be controlled with the latest modern technology to facilitate exceptional splendor.