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Mayor commends Long Beach's effort to improve energy efficiency with LED lights

Mayor Bob Foster of Long Beach, California, recently discussed the many infrastructure and efficiency improvements that the city has undergone in recent yearsin his 2013 State of the City Address, according to LB Report. Part of these improvements include a substantial overhaul of inefficient and costly lights in key government buildings. The city replaced all the traditional bulb types in City Hall and City Place parking garages with LED lights. The new LED lighting has produced annual savings of more than $58,000 a year for the city's electricity bill.

"We continued our work to make Long Beach a sustainable city [in 2012]," Mayor Foster said in his speech. "We have been smarter about how we deploy resources and have used technology to increase efficiency and reach. All this should give you a sense of the scale of work that is performed on your behalf."

The installation of LED lights in parking garages in Long Beach's government buildings could have numerous benefits. In addition to saving substantially on electricity costs and energy output - as lights in parking garages often have to stay lit for a long period of time - the LED lights also make the garages better-lit areas. This makes them safer locations.

Long Beach is not the only Californian city to turn to LED lights in order to become more environmentally sustainable and fiscally responsible. According to Santa, officials in Santa Cruz have recently converted approximately half of the city's 3,000 streetlights into more energy-efficient LED streetlights.