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Many homeowners plan on remodeling in the next two years

A new poll shows that American homeowners want to remodel their houses within the next two years. According to the Houzz & Home survey, 53 percent of the 100,000 respondents believe it is currently a good time to renovate their abodes. Additionally, 58 percent stated that they will hire professionals to complete the construction.

The bathroom and the kitchen were the most popular rooms for remodeling - 28 percent plan on renovating the former and 23 percent want to work on the latter. Construction on the kitchen usually has the heftiest price tag out of all rooms. Houzz reports that the average homeowner spent $28,030 on kitchen repairs in the last five years. 

Many homeowners are installing LED lighting systems in their kitchens. Larry Rosen, owner of Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens, stated that clients are asking for LED installations because alternative light sources are dangerous. 

"We are doing a lot of LED under-cabinet lighting. Halogen and Xenon lighting actually burn very hot. If you accidentally touch a bulb, you can burn yourself," Rosen told The Washington Post. 

Homeowners and designers can use LED channels for easy installation. These profiles simplify the process of evenly spacing lights underneath cabinets to ensure that every surface is well-lit. Klus Design notes that the channels can help homeowners direct light onto darkened areas so the kitchen is bright. Additionally, the sturdy material helps dissipate heat to extend the life of the lights. The reduced temperatures will also ensure that homeowners won't be burned by their new fixtures. 

Klus Design also points out that aluminum channels can be extremely beneficial for bathroom lighting. The profiles are waterproof so strip lights can be kept near the sink, shower and tub without any danger. Alternatively, the waterproof also make the channels great for outdoor renovations. 

LED lights and channels can help put the finishing touches on every home renovation project. Lighting is an important factor that can increase the visual appeal of a house.