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Mall of America achieves energy savings with LED lighting

The Mall of America has recently achieved superior energy savings through the installation of light emitting diodes (LEDs). The nation's largest retail and entertainment complex covers more than 4.2 million square feet and houses more than 520 shops and retail brands that attract millions of visitors every year. All of those people require parking, which is why the mall is outfitted with two seven-story parking garages, and both of those structures have recently been retrofitted with LED lights.

The parking garages cover approximately 3.3 million square feet and include more than 12,000 parking spaces. Before the LEDs were installed, the garages were outfitted with high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures that reportedly used significant amounts of electricity, produced low light levels and created high levels of glare.

This switch to LED lighting will allow the Mall of America to reduce operational expenses such as utility and maintenance costs. The reduction of expenses is not the only positive for the business. The lighting units also promote safety in the parking garages. Security officers are now able to view more details in their camera monitors and see farther. The improvement in illumination levels could provide visitors with a greater feeling of security as they walk to their automobiles at night.

According to a paper from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) titled, "LED Lighting Systems: Applications and Case Studies," the variety of LED applications available at large retail establishments is endless. At the Staples headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, HID units were switched out with LED bulbs to reduce operational costs and improve illumination. The company saved $24,328 a year in energy costs and $27,302 annually in maintenance expenditures from the retrofit.