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Madison Square Garden plans to use LED display panels

Officials from Madison Square Garden recently sought permission from Community Board Five to replace its current marquee with signs decorated with LED lights. According to DNAinfo, the iconic arena wants to install four 77-foot panels along its facade. Current regulations from Community Board Five only allow a maximum of 40-foot signs. Sidney Nielson, an urban designer, told board members during a presentation that the eco-friendly display would make the surrounding area safer and more exciting.

"We want to create a pedestrian-friendly experience, enhance presence as an iconic destination, and bring excitement of the interior into the exterior of the area," Nielson said, according to the news source. 

The displays would be installed on escalator towers around Madison Square Garden, with plans to use them to advertise events, sponsors and affiliated companies. The massive signs are not the only renovation plans that stadium officials have - they also want install an 18-foot by 230-foot LED display on the facade. The massive media wall would replace the marquee on Eighth Avenue. In addition, the massive project, which is part of a larger upgrade that is expected to cost $1 billion, would include new lights and benches surrounding the arena.

Green Buildings NYC speculates that the outdoor LED lighting project is part of an overall plan to bolster Madison Square Garden's popularity in New York City. The news source points out that new competition, such as the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, has popped up, which has threatened the Garden's spot as the metro area's top arena. 

While Community Board Five has expressed some hesitance, the outdoor LED lighting plan is moving onto the next phase in the approval process. The City Council will listen to Nielson, officials from Madison Square Garden and the board before ultimately approving or denying the request in a few months.