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Lighting an outdoor dining area with LEDs

Posted on June 28, 2013 Category: LED Lighting Articles

While most of us love the long days of summer, there is also something wonderful about enjoying summer nights outside.

One of the most important parts of an outdoor patio at home or at a restaurant is the ambiance. Lighting has to be just perfect - there's a fine line between mood lighting and a customer not being able to see their dining partner. Fortunately, there are elegant ways to light an outdoor space that allow customers to read the menu, but keep an intimate feel.

A great way to illuminate an area without shining a spotlight directly on your customers is to turn that spotlight to other features. If you have trees and plants throughout the patio area, set up an an LED spotlight to uplight the trees and use LED wall washers to illuminate the shrubbery. Lighting broadleaf plants is a great way to throw silhouettes onto walls. Do you have a beautiful brick exterior wall? LED accent lights can send up a glow to illuminate the wall while using the natural texture to add depth. Use path lights to illuminate walkways and lower landscaping features, as well.

It's not just where you place the lights - the color of them is extremely important as well.

"I would say one of the biggest things outside of technology that really translates for the customer is warm white," landscaping merchant Jenny Earnest told U-T San Diego.

New LED technology lights have perfected that soft white light that designers love, giving customers the best of both worlds: An incredibly efficient, long lasting lights in a variety of shapes and sizes that emit a wonderfully warm white glow.