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Light up your dad's world this Father's Day

Posted on June 13, 2013 Category: Interior Lighting Design Retail & Display Design LED Lighting Entertainment & Stage Lighting Articles

The world of lighting is about to take a step into the 21st century. The perfect gift for Father's Day, RGB LinkUp WiFi LED Light Bulbs offer dads the ability to change their lighting scheme at the touch of a button.

Usually, the way a room is lit is stagnant. We can turn the lights on and off, and maybe dim them if we're lucky. If we want to change the color of the lights to alter the mood or the focus of a space, it involves manually swapping out the bulbs. Now, the color temperature, brightness or even color effects of your lighting can change at the touch of a button.

Each LinkUp LED Light Bulb has the ability to transform from a traditional bulb to one of 50 colors. They can be customized to match any mood or color scheme, or users can pick from any of the pre-programmed modes.

Controlling your LEDs
The bulbs can be controlled one of two ways. Every LinkUp LED Light Bulb kit comes with a remote that can be used on an infinite number of individual bulbs. You also have the option to download an app to control the lighting system on your Android or iPhone. To use the smartphone app, your light bulbs will be linked through the LinkUp WiFi Router to allow complete control of the lighting system.

These lights can change the mood of any kind of room. Home entertainment centers, wine cellars and home bars can go from bright and cheery to moody and mysterious with the swipe of a finger. Because number of bulbs that each remote control or smartphone can control is infinite, it's great for office buildings, restaurants, hotels and casinos, too.

While these bulbs are certainly revolutionary, installing them is no different than screwing in a traditional light bulb. Once they are installed, Dad can use the color wheel on the remote control or smartphone app to change the color and brightness of any room.

Not only will Dad love the ability to change the ambiance of a room with the touch of a button, he'll be thrilled when he sees his energy bill. Because all LinkUp Light Bulbs are LEDs, they use a fraction of the electricity that a traditional incandescent bulb does, which translates to huge energy savings.

So this Father's Day, spare your dad another boring tie and get him a whole new way to light his favorite space.