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LEDs saved the U.S $675 million last year

Posted on June 21, 2013 Category: Retail & Display Design Articles

A study was conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy to find out just how much energy LED lights are saving the country.

After evaluating the energy saved through the use of nine different kinds of LED light applications, which includes various types of indoor and outdoor lights, the DOE established that the United States saved an estimated $675 million in 2012 alone. In the report, which was released in April, the department approximated that about 49 million LED lamps and luminaries were used across the country, saving approximately 71 trillion British thermal units (tBtu).

That number should keep rising as LEDs become more efficient and affordable. In fact, the DOE estimated that if the nine markets that were studied all switched to LEDs at once, it would amount to savings of 3,873 tBtu, adding up to $37 billion in energy savings. That would cut the country's energy spending in half.

The markets that were analyzed included both indoor and outdoor light fixtures. Business owners can take advantage of LED lights both inside and outside of their commercial unit. Chasing LED lights and LED display case lighting are two options to add some panache and style while also attracting consumers' eyes.